Stance Angle Chair May Provide Working Pregnant Women the Support They Need

HealthPostures, ergonomics designer and maker of the bestselling TaskMate sit/stand series, has developed the Stance Angle chair, furniture that may provide women pregnancy comfort. Potential benefits of using a pregnancy office chair include the prevention of fluid buildup in the legs and feet, improved rest and comfort and healthier levels of sitting and standing.

Need for the office chair support may be growing, in part because more women are working while pregnant. Women are also working longer into their pregnancy. According to Pew Research, 66% of women who delivered a child between 2006 and 2008, worked while they were pregnant. Rest, a healthy diet, short work breaks and activity are important “dos” for working pregnant women.

This standing office chair supports rest, pressure reduction and activity. Company executives shared that, “Some pregnant women are sitting 40 hours a week in their third trimester, actually incur tailbone injuries from sitting to long.” HealthPostures’ executives revealed that, “It’s recommended not to sit longer than 30 minutes at a time while pregnant and to rest your feet on a stool to keep your blood circulation open.”

Healthier bodies, increased energy and more mobility are at the core of HealthPostures’ work. The ergonomics designers has been developing and manufacturing workplace solutions for more than 20 years. Pain reduction, deeper employee engagement and mobility are HealthPostures’ hallmarks.

Features built into the Stance Angle chair are a contoured backrest, assisted standing, adjustable armrests, adjustable leg cushions and large swivel casters for more pregnancy comfort. A touch lever means the switch from sitting to standing office chair is easy, helping pregnant working women to adhere to doctor’s instructions of not standing or sitting too long.

Because physicians may recommend that pregnant women maintain a low or moderate level of exercise, with its adjustable positions, this pregnancy office chair could keep women moving without putting stress on joints. HealthPostures’ executives are confident that, “This simple sit to stand chair adjusts in so many different directions offering a standing, kneeling, or seated positions that it provides support throughout the day for the lower back and hips. It also reduces the amount of stress and fluid buildup in the legs and feet.”IMG_9502

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