Standing Increases Energy At Work

Benefits of a sit stand workstation extend beyond ease while standing for long periods. Using tools like HealthPostures Taskmate Go sit stand desk and ergonomic stand chairs have been attributed to experiencing reduced pain, enjoying more flexibility and living with an improved posture and a stronger core. Having increased energy is another benefit gained from standing more.



Benefits of a sit stand workstations

Standing increases energy because the more you stand, the more mobile you can be. Greater mobility, in turn, improves blood flow, concentration and engagement. As adults who have used HealthPostures Taskmate Go sit stand desk know, increased energy isn’t the only positive outcome gained from standing and moving more. Better musculoskeletal function is another benefit.


Check out these additional benefits of being more mobile. If you’ve ever used a standing desk, you may have realized several of these benefits within days of using the desk.


  • Increased positive outlook about the approaching workday
  • Opportunity to expend more calories without going to the gym
  • Sleeping better at night
  • More productivity at work
  • Longer periods of concentration
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less back pain
  • Less pressure on your muscles and joints, especially if you don’t have good sitting posture


A stronger musculoskeletal system is another benefit that you can gain from standing and being more mobile. Strengthen your musculoskeletal system and you can live with less pain. You can also experience energy boosts.


More about musculoskeletal disorders and lack of mobility

In fact, poor musculoskeletal function is linked to being stationary for too long. Musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, a sore neck, joint stiffness and constant fatigue are among the types of muscle and joint damage that can develop over time even if you sit without standing for too long.


Sitting at a work desk for eight or more hours a day can create or worsen existing musculoskeletal disorders. And who in the corporate, manufacturing, healthcare or customer service world isn’t working long hours?


One way to reduce these health dangers is to work less hours. But, your manager might not buy into this change. Another way is to get moving right at your workstation. Although you might not be able to jog at your desk, you do have workable options.


Reasons to get a standing desk

Chief of these options is the chance to work at a standing desk. But, mobility may not be enough reason for you to get a standing desk. Here are a few other reasons to get a standing desk:


  • Potential to enjoy better overall health
  • Set a good example for colleagues as you become more mobile
  • Increased physical activity throughout the day
  • Motivation to become more physically active at work and at home
  • More energy (which can enable you to be more productive)


Fortunately, sit to stand workstations can be purchased at ergonomic office supply stores. Health focused retailers also carry mobility and ergonomics equipment like the TaskMate assisted lift products,


HealthPostures designs and manufactures products for specific industries. The retailer offers ergonomics and standing desks for hospitals, call centers, educational facilities, retailers, government facilities and industrial locations. Corporations are another work place that ergonomics products like the HealthPostures Taskmate Go sit stand desk function effectively in.