Standing Increases Productivity

Healthy posture and more mobility have a direct link to on-the-job productivity. Technologists and manufacturers are paying attention to the linkage. Evidence of this positive attention is the rollout of computer Taskmate ergonomics.


Standing for Healthy Posture at Work


Computer Taskmate workstations clamp to the front of office desks. The keyboard tray built into the ergonomics equipment is adjustable. Other adjustable components of a computer Taskmate include a laptop holder, monitor mount and desk surface.


These adjustable components allow for healthy posture. However, healthy posture is just one of the benefits associated with the health benefits of sit stand workstations. Worker productivity is another of the health benefits of sit stand workstations, and for good reason.


Benefits of Standing While Working

Worker productivity is a top priority for employers. In part, this is because of the connection between worker productivity and profits. Whether you’re an employer or a dedicated employee, it wouldn’t be surprising if you were encouraged to regularly attend social events at work, participate in lunch and learns and network with colleagues at conferences.


Aim of those events is to improve employee engagement which, in turn, can increase productivity. Employers know that the happier workers are, the more committed they may be to doing what it takes to nurture prospect and customer relationships and generate more sales. It’s also why employers encourage workers to take more responsibility for their overall health, including their fitness, dietary habits, stress levels and mobility.


Computer Taskmate Can Drive Up Worker Productivity

According to The Washington Post, call center employees involved in a research study, were more productive while being more mobile from working at a sit to stand desk. The research study found that there were additional health benefits of sit stand workstations.


Employees who used sit stand workstations like the computer Taskmate were also found to be more comfortable at work. Improved self-esteem and a better outlook on their job were other positive outcomes of standing while working.


Health benefits like less risks of developing diabetes, heart disease or obesity are other pluses associated with sit stand workstations. Having a sit stand workstation in the office may motivate workers to stand more. Now those workers are hearing about the benefits of maintaining a healthy posture and moving more at work.


Pathway to a Happier Work Life
Even if employees aren’t aiming to achieve this each time they step away from their workstation, stepping away from a desk can strengthen networking, build colleague relationships and put employees in contact with relevant vendors. Achieving these latter benefits call for more than using a healthy posture while working at computer Taskmate and other ergonomics stations.


There’s no better way to get the most out of sit stand workstations than to alternate between sitting and standing and moving. For example, employees can walk a flight of stairs instead of taking an elevator. They can also get outside and walk during half of their lunch break. By focusing on being more mobile and taking responsibility for their overall health, workers can not only become more productive, they can become happier at work.