Standing is Good for Physical and Mental Health

Attentive managers, chiropractors and physical therapists know something that everyone should be privy to. Standing is good for your physical and mental health, this includes walking and reaping the benefits of a standing desk at work. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, standing can help to reduce your chances of being obese, developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol and developing high blood sugar levels. Simply reducing at risks health factors, can yield good mental health results like internal peace, mental clarity and relaxation.

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Benefits of a standing desk at work

Less chance of developing heart disease is another positive takeaway associated with standing and moving more. At work, more people are becoming increasingly mobile and standing more thanks to sit to stand desk benefits when using HealthPostures TaskMate equipment and similar ergonomics tools.


To get the most out of a standing desk like the HealthPostures TaskMate, ensure that the desk is adjustable. Also, ensure that the sit to stand desk is tall enough and long enough to accommodate your computer, monitor and other supplies that you keep handy on your workstation.


For example, the HealthPostures TaskMate standing desks are designed to support dual monitors. There is also a single monitor option. Multiple height settings, a keyboard tray tilt and an adjustable monitor are advantages built into the workstation. Because the workstation is easy to assemble on a desk, the TaskMate fits in a corner office or a traditional office location whether you are working at home or offsite for an employer.


Standing is only part of the answer

Although comfort is one of the benefits of a standing desk at work, to truly gain from standing, it is important that you move throughout the day. In other words, don’t simply stand while you work at a computer or other workstation. Alternate between standing and sitting, just make sure that you don’t revert to sitting most of the day. Mobility can keep you from filling stuck which can allow you to experience greater mental flow and tranquility.


Here are more ways that you can realize benefits of a standing desk at work. These actions are good to incorporate into your at home routines as well:


  • Use good posture while standing
  • Arrange office furniture so that you can maintain healthy posture even while reaching for pens or notepads and while typing and writing at work
  • Breathe deeply throughout the day; practicing good breathing techniques is important
  • Once an hour or, at the least once every other hour, step away from your workstation. Walk down the hall. Take an in-person meeting in a colleague’s office. Get mobile.
  • Increase the numbers of steps that you take each day. You might get steps in by taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Taking a walk during your lunch break is another way to not only stand more, but to also become more physical at work.
  • Place your standing desk over a treadmill, so that you can easily walk while working.


This might be one of the biggest sit to stand desk benefits. Because the best ergonomics workstations like the HealthPostures TaskMate are sturdy and dependable, it is possible to exercise while working at these desks. A few other tips are to stand while you take telephone calls and limit the amount of time that you spend sitting and watching television. This can help you to be more mentally clear and agile.