Standing Relieves Headaches and Other Pains

Headaches are at the top of the list of temporary painful experiences. Pain from headaches causes people to call out sick from work, become agitated and spend hours sleeping. Another thing that headaches can do is inspire people to seek for solutions like the Stance Move chairs. The equipment supports natural healthy body positions like standing.

Natural and non-invasive methods to fewer headaches and other pains

It’s with Stance Move chairs that headache sufferers may find a way to reduce or completely eliminate headaches and other pains. Standing, breathing deeply, engaging in mild exercise, getting adequate amounts of rest and changing temperatures are solutions that provide relief for headaches and other pains, including common headache types like tension headaches, sinus headaches and hormone headaches.


Benefits associated with standing, deep breathing and mild exercise include improved oxygen flow. Adequate rest can help to reduce pressure, stress and tension. Temperature changes that may help to reduce or eliminate headaches and other pains involve placing ice on the forehead or taking a hot shower. Eating small meals that are rich in magnesium may also help relieve headache pain.


Getting beyond headaches with Stance Move chairs

Eating small meals helps to prevent blood sugar levels from becoming too low. Consuming small meals can also help eliminate nagging hunger pains. But, what about Stance Move chairs?


Stance Move chairs encourage standing. While using the chairs, workers can stand comfortably for hours. But, they won’t just stand. The chairs offer ongoing back support. The chairs come with an extension for people taller than 5’9″.


Easy to move, the chair supports the back, neck and head. In addition to supporting people while they go from sitting to standing, the chairs may also motivate computer users to shift their gaze more, a natural act that has been known to reduce head and eye pain.


More sit to stand desk benefits

This is because not staring at a computer screen for hours puts less strain on the eyes, which can, in turn, place less tension on the brain. Other sit to stand desk benefits include ease at being more mobile. Of all the sit to stand desk benefits, standing more and being mobile may be one of the most effective at reducing pain and discomfort like a tension  headache.


Tension headaches are similar to many other pains. The headaches are directly linked to stress. Standing and being more mobile not only helps to reduce stress. Standing more and improving mobility also helps to burn calories.


Losing weight can lower the numbers of headache symptoms and other pains, like lower back and hip pain, that people experience. It’s these sit to stand desk benefits that allow standing to offer direct and indirect advantages for those who are seeking ways to reduce pain.


As a final note, a yoga standing pose like the standing forward fold can also relieve headaches and other pains. So too can avoiding being in direct sunlight too long, staying away from loud noises and using the right eyewear. Staying active and mobile, even while at work, and standing more may also be a healthy, productive goal for those seeking to reduce pain.