Stop Sitting All Day

Everyone seems to be on a diet. Yet, millions of Americans are overweight or obese. It’s obvious that simply joining a gym or vowing to eat better are not enough. Real life changes require action. When it comes to your health, rewarding life changes require ongoing action, and not just the type of action that’s inherent in making a choice.


Adjustable ergonomic stand up desk are helping workers stop sitting all day

Rewarding health changes require physical action or ongoing mobility. Yet, opportunities to stay mobile at work, especially if you work in a traditional office environment, can present a challenge. One workaround that some business leaders are reverting to is an adjustable ergonomic stand up desk.


With an adjustable ergonomic stand up desk, you can stand comfortably for hours while conducting research work. You can also complete assignments and multi-layered projects. Other benefits associated with sit to stand desk include:


  • Improved blood circulation – As blood circulation improves, more blood can flow to and from the heart more easily
  • Better joint function – By becoming more mobile, workers could enjoy better joint function. When this occurs, workers may experience fewer leg and hip pain. They also might complain less of back, wrist and neck discomfort.
  • Stronger veins and bones – Varicose veins and weak bones have been attributed to sitting too long. If people actually stand while they work at standing desks and also maintain a regular exercise routine, they might reduce the number of varicose veins that they develop. They also might enjoy stronger bone structure.
  • Enhanced brain function – Sitting all day could cause your brain to function slower. This could impact balance and the ability to focus. A shortened attention span can contribute to workplace errors. It can also cause people to feel less engaged while they are at work.
  • Straighter posture – Despite how often workers do it, people are not built to slouch. Greater mobility gained while using standing desks can enhance posture.


Standing desks are helping workers be more active

You may have seen an ergonomics sit to stand desk advertised on television. The standing desk chair and the sleekly designed adjustable height stand up desk that are manufactured by companies like HealthPostures are being used by corporate executives, sales professionals, consultants and staff members.


An adjustable height stand up desk works well in office and industrial environments. Makers of these ergonomics products as well as business leaders who purchase standing desks for their workers are turning to these products to help themselves and their employees stop sitting all day.


They know that sitting all day has been attributed to numerous health issues. Among the health issues that sitting all day can cause are diabetes, poor balance, shortened attention spans and painful joints. Poor blood circulation, inflammation and organ damage have also been attributed to prolonged sitting.


Perhaps installing a standing desk workstation for each worker is another way for employers to send the message that they really do value the people who work for them. These ergonomics products could send a message of care that companies are continuing to try to send through their work life balance initiatives.