TaskMate Encourages Sit Stand Ergonomics

Most people prefer to work on an adjustable workstation that allows them to stand part of the day while still working on their computers.  Now, the sit-stand Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures encourages good sit stand ergonomics by allowing computer users to move freely while staying on task.

More Energy – Burns Calories – Improves Blood Flow – Increase Productivity

Taskmate Executive Adjustable Height Desk

Comfort:  Even if you do not have injuries or specific pain, rotating between sitting and standing can relieve musculoskeletal discomfort

Productivity: Standing up can relieve strain on the body and increase blood circulation to the brain that helps improve productivity at work.

Health: In addition to the health benefits of relieving pain and discomfort, people who stand at their jobs tend to be healthier than those who sit.  Standing up is often as important as exercising in the process of burning calories and losing weight.

Effortlessly move from a sitting to a standing position with the sit to stand Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures.  Good sit stand ergonomics will improve and productivity and comfort while at work and have the freedom to move whenever you like.  The HealthPostures Electric Desktop Workstation is a high-quality sit to stand workstation that will help provide energy for a healthier way to work.