TaskMate™Lift Table Provides Easy Height‐Adjustable Working

The new Surface TaskMate adjustable height work table from HealthPostures allows the user to raise and lower their tabletop, reducing physical strain and fatigue. A simple push of a button will easily adjust the height of the tabletop to the precise level that is most comfortable for the user. What makes the Surface TaskMate simple to use is that it will fit securely onto an existing table, counter or workbench. The easy adjust ability of the platform will accommodate many different tasks.


Ideal for light assembly, packaging, shipping and a multitude of other light manufacturing operations, the Surface TaskMate Lift Table is an economical alternative to more expensive height adjustable tables. Other applications include adjusting the work surface for microscopes in a lab setting and creating a more flexible POS system in a retail setting. The user can raise or lower the Lift table to work as a sitting or standing height work table that is ergonomically correct.

Adjustments are so simple that different users can easily find the most comfortable level during a shift change or if more than one person shares a work area.


Incorporating the use of the Surface TaskMate at is a cost‐effective way to utilize a height adjustable work table system. Business owners can integrate the Surface TaskMate into the workplace and avoid remodeling cost because there is no need to remove counters or a work bench to make room for a large and bulky sit‐stand table. The rugged steel construction and straightforward design insures easy operation and a long life.


Installation fees all but disappear as well because the adjustable work table will arrive already assembled.

Set‐up of the Surface TaskMate consists of taking it out of the box, setting it on an existing work surface and attaching the platform. The Surface TaskMate operates with an electronic actuator that can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. The Surface TaskMate is easy to move to another location if needed.


The user will now have an easy standing desk table that will help avoid strain and improve workplace comfort. Business owners will appreciate how the Surface TaskMate will support increased productivity and reduce worker compensation claims and missed days of work because of workplace injury.


Learn more about the Surface TaskMate Lift Table by visiting www.healthpostures.com


  1. Any machinery to avoid strain is a good product to work with. I’m noticing more opportunities for employees to avoid work-related injury.