Tips for Sit Stand Desk Cable Management

Cable management is important for any computer desk. Cluttered cables may not only make your workspace appear messy and disorganized—they can also wear out faster. Cables can even put stress on your electrical outlets if they are not properly sized and well organized. With sit-stand desks, cable management is even more important. After all, you won’t want wires getting in the way of your ability to adjust your desk. Read on for some helpful tips to wrangle your cables and minimize clutter at your desk. 

Ensure that your cords are long enough.HealthPostures Sit Stand Desk Cable Management

You’ll want to check that your various cords can reach the power strip or that your mounted power strip has a long enough cord to remain plugged in when the desk is at its maximum height. If your sit stand desk is pulling on wires as your desk raises to full extension, you may experience premature wear and tear on your cables and your electrical outlets. 

Explore solutions that attach to your sit stand desk. 

It may be easiest to mount a box or basket underneath your desk to rein in stray cables. This way, you won’t see the bulk of your cables, as they’ll be hidden under the desk surface. Plus, you won’t have to worry that wires will get pinched or repositioned as the desk moves up and down—they’ll simply move with the desk. 

Don’t forget about clips and fasteners. 

When you’re exploring different cable management solutions, remember to stock up on clips and fasteners. Cable clips can help keep cables straight and in the correct position. Fasteners, like cable ties or Velcro strips, can let you keep longer cables spooled and organized instead of tangled and tucked behind your computer. 

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