What Makes the Stance Chair Different from other Chairs?

Mark StanceOne Stance Angle Chair user’s personal experience in ergonomics and comfort

“I was recently at a Joe Walsh concert where my wife and I got general admission tickets for half the price of the other tickets. Even though they were general admission, we were down in front, right in front of the band,” says Mark Haen, longtime Stance Angle Chair user. The only caveat? Mark and his wife had to stand through the entire three hour concert. However, it didn’t bother them in the least. Because they were up by the railing, they were able to bend forward and lean on it, stand and rest their hands, hold on and lean back, and alternate resting feet on the bottom rung. Their ability to change positions throughout the evening allowed them to not get tired of standing at all, by periodically resting various muscles. “I like to tell this story, because it is a great analogy to the Stance Angle Chair and how I use it to move throughout the day.”

Mark’s history with the Stance Angle Chair goes back more than fourteen years, when he was invited to try out prototypes while it was still being designed. “I’m fairly certain I’m the oldest user that exists.” Mark remembers trying out different angles of the chair and providing feedback before it went into production. He was immediately smitten with its design and the endless possibilities it provided him for standing and moving throughout the day.

An artist and designer who spends his day at a desk working on videography, photography, and graphic design projects, Mark uses his Stance Angle Chair every day. The Stance Chair has remained at his place of employment for more than a decade and to this day, every time someone is being shown around the office or a tour comes through, someone inevitably points to his chair and asks, “Where did you get that chair? And I always tell them HealthPostures!”

5100_healthpostures3213afAnyone wanting to engage in further conversation with Mark will learn why he is so passionate about his Stance chair. It is reliably sturdy. “It is so sturdy that I can do extensive movement in it, like throwing my body around, leaning over, or reaching and never risk it tipping over. It’s incredible.” He has looked at other chairs marketed to be used with standing desks, but nothing else would allow him to move around like he is used to doing, in his opinion. Mark strongly feels that his Stance Angle Chair was built right from the start. “It offers support and comfort both, and I know it isn’t going to break. How many other people have had their office chair for fourteen years and be confident it isn’t going to break anytime soon?”

Mark is very excited that the Stance Angle Chair is still being produced and that other people are able to experience the difference he’s found in this uniquely designed chair. The Stance looks a little different in 2017 than it did in its earlier versions, but it’s the same amazing ergonomic design according to Mark. “I still remember saying ‘I love it’ the first time I saw it, followed quickly by ‘where can I get one?’” To learn more about Mark’s favorite office chair, the Stance Angle Chair, visit https://healthpostures.com/product-category/ergonomic-sitstand-chairs/.