What Shoes are Best to Use with a Standing Desk?

Getting the most out of a new desktop standing desk might require that you wear the right shoes. Because you’ll be on your feet more than usual, it’s important that your feet get ample support. It’s also important that you feel comfortable while working and standing. If this doesn’t happen, you could go back to sitting for hours a day which, studies have found, could prove to be bad for your health.


Shoes for standing all day

For example, Just Stand shares that, “Excessive sitting impacts our body’s metabolic system.” A sedentary lifestyle or a lifestyle with low amounts of mobility can also lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and potentially depression and dementia.


But, those benefits may not be enough to cause you to go out and purchase a dependable standing desk. Furthermore, the idea of standing on your feet for three or more hours a day in front of one of the leading sit stands might turn you off if you own the wrong pair of shoes.


So, what are the best shoes for a standing desk? Although there is no single shoe that might work best for everyone (some standing desk users prefer to go barefoot), below are features to look for in good standing desk shoes:


  • Sneakers may top the list when it comes to the best shoes for standing all day
  • Soft height in a shoe is important
  • Arch support in a shoe may be an absolute must for people who deal with falling arches. These shoes could reduce the soreness in the middle of the foot.
  • Clogs are sturdy shoes that can easily be pulled off. After pulling clogs off, people using sit stands could work barefoot for 30 to 60 minutes or longer while standing on a mat.
  • Natural shoes that are designed to make you feel as if you’re barefoot have also worked well for some desktop standing desk users.


Shoes bring out the real power of desktop standing desk

Standing desk are designed to encourage movement. After all, standing all day could be as detrimental to your health as sitting for eight or more hours. Therefore, regardless of the shoe that you use, add two to three exercises into your work routine throughout the day. Potential benefits associated with exercising at work and using sit stands or a standing desk include increased mobility, focus, more mental clarity, less back pain, reduced muscle strain and more work engagement.


As with many other factors, comfort plays a vital role in how much you actually use a desk for standing. In addition to using the right posture while working at a desk for standing, it’s important to wear the right shoes. The best shoes for standing desks offer arch, heel and toe support.


These shoes also support ankles and other parts of the foot, in addition to helping to strengthen the back. They are the types of shoes that make it easier to go from sitting to standing. Additionally, these supportive shoes may encourage more walking and stair climbing at work.