Why Sitting is The New Smoking

Standing desks are en vogue for good reasons. Improved physical and mental health, better focus and greater longevity are leading benefits associated with using a desktop standing desk. Gone are the days when health experts echoed the advice to simply stop smoking and sit down as a way to relax and enjoy better overall health.



Desk for standing are growing in popularity for good reasons

Years ago, sitting was viewed by some as a perfect way to de-stress, as a way to let go and stop focusing on events of the day. Back then, smoking was the major health danger that it continues to be while sitting was viewed as okay.


Those were the times when simply not moving was accepted as a sign that you were truly unwinding. However, recent research and improving healthcare insight and understanding have shifted the belief that sitting, even for prolonged periods, is okay.


Now many health professionals believe that sitting is the new smoking. In fact, medical professionals have become aware of health dangers that are directly tied to sitting too long. Among the dangers of sitting are:


  • Poor or sagging body posture – This single drawback could help to cause neck and back pain. Poor posture can also cause headaches and fatigue.
  • Attention struggles – It’s hard to keep paying attention when you’ve been sitting in the same spot and position for several hours. Taking frequent, short breaks helps. So too does working in an area that encourages movement, the type of area that uses a desk for standing or a standing computer desk.
  • Weakened organs – Sitting too long can weaken and damage organs like your heart. If you regularly sit for extended periods, your pancreas and colon could also experience damage.
  • Food digestion – When you sit for long hours, you could make it harder to digest food that you eat, including healthy food that you eat.
  • Balance – Sit too long and you might feel dizzy when you stand.
  • Bone degeneration – Muscles and bones like hips and your back could feel painful when you stand if you sit too long. As you age, weakened bones could lead to more falls. Poor balance can also cause an increase in falls.


These are just some of the reasons to become more active. Although you may not be able to head out for a walk, jog, swim or bike ride whenever you want while you’re working, you could become more mobile with a standing desk.


Workplace changes could increase the need for standing desks

Greater mobility can have a positive impact on balance, mental agility and overall physical health. With some companies reducing worker telecommuting hours and cutting back on work-from-home arrangements, the challenge to remain mobile while working could increase.


So too could the numbers of employees who experience back and neck pain. Eye strain or eye fatigue is another byproduct of staring at computer screen for hours at a time. Standing desks are being installed at work places to reduce pressure on limbs and joints.


By using products like an adjustable dual monitor stand or a standing desk workstation, workers could avoid putting too much pressure on their joints and muscles for too long. They could also improve their blood flow. Users of standing desks also share that their attention span is enhanced while using a standing desk workstation. It’s an easy way to avoid the dangers of sitting.