7 Reasons Why Government Workers Use Standing Desks

A recent Government Product News poll indicated that government works see value in standing desks and similar ergonomic office products. The poll showed that 53% of respondents believed that standing desks boost productivity.

Government institutions such as veterans’ offices, economic development administrations, federal and state government offices are leading the way in purchasing height-adjustable standing desks and ergonomic office chairs for their employees. Workplace trends experts are predicting that even more offices and workplaces will start using standing desks in the coming years. Standing desks use in government settings is also expected to continue trending up.


Why Standing Desks are Popular in Government Offices


standing desk for government offices1. Some government work can be very repetitious. Being able to change positions during the day gives workers some flexibility and autonomy.


2. HealthPostures products are TAA Compliant, and government offices often purchase standing desks in bulk at a discount for entire departments.


3. HealthPostures products are proudly Made in the USA.


4. Maintenance staff appreciate that HealthPostures standing desks are easy to assemble. Those who use the products on a daily basis love how easy they are to adjust.


5. The workforce and workspaces are changing. As older employees retire, outdated desks and chairs are being replaced with more ergonomic, functional, office furniture such as height-adjustable desks and standing angle chairs.


6. Human Resource Managers and other HR staff know that standing desks can play a big part in employee wellness. Employees that move throughout the day are healthier and more productive.


7. Government offices are budget conscious. They look at the big picture to realize that a standing desk is a long-term investment and that a happy healthy employee can lead to less sick time.


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