Standing Desks Made in the USA for Government Use

Made in the USA standing desksHealthPostures is one of the few standing desk manufacturers in the United States to be compliant with the Buy America Act. With standing desks 100% Made in the USA, customers can avoid additional tariffs that are often hidden in the costs of competitive standing desk companies. On top of being 100% Made in the USA, HealthPostures standing desks are built to last.

Why Government Entities Choose HealthPostures Standing Desks:

    • One of few 100% Made in the USA standing desks manufacturers
    • Compliant with TAA (Trade Acts Agreement)
    • Compliant with BAA (Buy American Act)
    • Top Choice of government entities such as Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS)

100% Made in the USA Standing Desks

Since HealthPostures products are Made in the USA and are TAA Compliant, they are a top choice for government entities such as the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS).  Other standing desks that are made in China continue to have price increases due to tariffs. HealthPostures products are one of the few standing desks that are made entirely in the USA, avoiding additional tariffs that other standing desk manufacturers are passing on to their customers.

Built to Last with Unmatched Durability

Unlike other standing desk manufacturers, HealthPostures’ main focus is on designing products with outstanding ergonomic features. For instance, the user can adjust their monitor height so it’s ideal with their eye level. The keyboard tray can also be positioned below their work surface if needed. Ergonomic adjustments and design combined with unmatched durability make HealthPostures products efficient and comfortable for years to come.


Have staff who are returning to work after an injury? Ergonomic products like desktop risers, sit/stand workstations, and sit/stand chairs can get them back to doing their important job.

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Veterans Administration Hospitals looking to purchase ergonomic office solutions like standing desks count on HealthPostures. With several veteran-owned dealers across the country, VA’s will find the perfect ergonomic solution for their staff. Contact us below!

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