7 Weird Things that People do in their Standing Desks

Since HealthPostures starting selling ergonomic sit-stand solutions in 1996, we have heard a lot of stories and anecdotes about odd things people do in their standing desks from time to time.  As standing at your desk is becoming commonplace, people are more open about some of their standing habits that may seem a bit strange at first, but in reality are quite normal.


Standing Desk Habits that May Seem Odd at First


stance angle chair, odd habits in a standing desk1. Dancing at a Standing Desk.  Where dancing in a chair seems counter-productive, dancing while standing makes perfect sense. Of course, dancing at a desk while working may seem a little odd.  But when people get their favorite Spotify music on and their earbuds in, they are definitely in the position to bust a move when standing.


2. Stand on One Leg. Like a flamingo, humans may find that elevating one foot periodically one foot helps the other foot to rest a bit and relieve some pressure. You could use a step or stool to rest your foot if you wish.


3. Exercise or Stretch. Often when people first start using a standing desk, their legs tire more easily. Stretching calves, hamstrings, and lower back are all important. When a person is standing, it makes movement easier. Some people do push-ups at an angle against their desk (make sure desk is stable) or have hand weights to do some light lifting. Others love to mix some squats into their workday. Go ahead and move with purpose throughout the day.


4. Sports or Hobbies. There are some hobbies that people try in their standing desk when taking a break from work, that they probably wouldn’t do sitting down.  We have heard of some people who keep a basketball nearby by and practice dribbling. Others like to grab their guitar and jam for a bit.


5. Switch Shoes. Shoes are important when using a standing desk.  High heels or shoes without proper arch support will do more harm than good.  For this reason, many people will bring an extra pair of shoes or leave shoes at the office to switch into when they are standing. When they have an important meeting, the professional shoes go back on.


6. Make More Eye Contact. In today’s day and age, we are often looking down at our phone or screens, and especially in the office. What people have noticed though, is that when they using a standing desk, they tend to make eye contact with others more often. This may also have to do with being elevated and looking over a cubicle that blocked their view before.


7. Fidget – Some people who use a standing desk simply find themselves fidgeting more, but not in a bad way. Fidgeting might be tapping your toes or fingers on something without knowing they are doing it. It is a subconscious movement that is little but great for your body too.


If you or a coworker have a standing desk, what odd habits have you noticed?  Using a standing desk definitely encourages movement, and movement that comes naturally is good for the body.  Keep moving and keep standing!


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