Active Kids are Tomorrow’s Standing Desk Owners

Kids always seem to always be moving, fidgeting, and thinking about recess.  Many progressive schools are working movement and changing positions into the typical school day because they know that kids learn more and can focus better when they are changing positions. Today’s active kids are tomorrow’s standing desk owners!

Why Movement in the Classroom is Important

Studies have shown that kids who are more active have better focus, quicker cognitive processing and more successful memory retention.  Movement increases blood flow to the brain and promotes mental clarity, and reduces stress. Let’s face it, it’s hard for kids (and even adults) to sit still! While it is important to learn how to sit still, we also need to recognize when we need to take a break to stand or move.  For many schools across the country, physical education classes and recess have steadily decreased, even though experts agree that kids need to be active for at least 60 minutes per day.


Creative Ways to Add Movement to the Classroomschool desk alternative - standing desk

Some teachers creatively work movement into the classroom, if even for 10 minutes at a time.  The movement could include yoga, jumping jacks, toe touches, stretching, and so on. Some teachers believe that doing an activity before a challenging lesson or test helps the kids to focus. Other teachers use videos or games to get the kids moving. Simple activities like deep breathing, wiggles or running give the kids a mental and physical break from school work.

Alternatives to a Traditional School Desk

The traditional school desk is often not adjustable for different sized kids, but luckily there are many alternatives. One option is to convert a table or sitting desk into a standing desk using a desktop converter. Some teachers also like the option of a mobile desk on wheels so they can move around while teaching.  Other classrooms have tried couches, stability balls, hokki stools, or even a cafe table and chairs instead of the traditional desk. The goal is to make a dynamic learning space for students to help them be engaged and productive.

With all the research on the benefits of movement and exercise on kids’ health and learning, it seems obvious that similar results would apply to adults in the workforce.  Let’s follow the kids’ lead and keep moving during the workday. Give HealthPostures a call at 800-277-1841or contact us here if you want to transform your regular desk into a sit-stand desk.