Tips for Finding the Best Home Office Desk for Mobility

best home office desks

Are you exploring some of the best home office standing desks on the market for sit to stand mobility? Make sure to include the Health Postures TaskMate Series.

You love your home. Love your home office too, when you add the ability to stand at your desk!

Home office standing desks are increasingly more common in across the country, because standing and moving is important no matter where you spend your time. Whether you work from home, spend time shopping and paying bills in your home office, or have a hobby that puts you at the computer for hours at a time, a standing desk that allows you to move will transform time spent at your computer into an energizing, enjoyable experience.

Many people stop by the home computer to check on something quick. Rather than sitting down, they stand hunched over the desk and keyboard. Imagine a desk that stays at the height you determine. If you’re in the habit of multi-tasking and stopping by the computer sporadically, a computer screen and keyboard at standing height works great. A TaskMate home office standing desk is a perfect solution for people on the go who want to keep an eye on the screen and have no desire to sit and wait.

If you’re new to the idea of standing and moving at your desk, there are a few elements that are likely to make you stand up and say “This surely is the best standing desk for home!”

  • Keep the desk you love and add one of three types of TaskMate sit/stand desks available by HealthPostures; Electric Lift, Assisted Lift, and Manual Lift. Choose the one with the features you’d prefer and transform your work-space into a customizable, mobile sit to stand solution.
  • Stability is key both in terms of desk and company. You want a desk that is sturdy and provides undeniable stability as you move it to various heights. It’s just as important that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer like HealthPostures whose been in the sit to stand desk industry long enough to have incorporated years of design technology, ergonomic research, and customer feedback into its products.
  • Look for simplicity and functionality. You want a workstation that is easy to use and quick to move. We have lots of information, photos, and videos to help you understand the benefits of the TaskMate standing desks for home.
  • Warranties and Guarantees are a must. HealthPostures proudly posts this information on its home page and in places that are easy to get to and in terms that are easy to read and understand. We want happy customers and no hidden surprises.
  • Who doesn’t love free shipping? HealthPostures picks up the shipping so there is no added costs to getting you the product you’re eagerly anticipating. We look forward to hearing from you and shipping you your new TaskMate!
  • Made in the USA! This is of growing importance to many Americans who are looking to buy products manufactured in the United States. In our humble opinion, our team at HealthPostures is proud to offer one of the best home office desks on the market that is Made in the USA; The TaskMate!

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