Calories Burned While Standing

Standing DeskWould you like to burn more calories per hour? The number of calories burned with a standing desk is higher than when you remain seated.  An average person can burn 20-50 more calories per hour when standing. While this may not seem like a lot at first, it can really add up over time. In fact, it could help you lose an average of 8-20 pounds in a year.

The impacts can vary depending on many personal factors, such as:

  • Current weight
  • Calorie consumption
  • Overall activity level

One side effect of standing is that people often move or pace more which can also increase calorie usage and improve results. While this doesn’t replace regular physical activity, there have been comparisons to marathon running when standing at least 3-4 hours per day.

Not everyone is interested in running a marathon, but most people likely wouldn’t be opposed to the positive impacts, such as increased calorie usage, that come from that level of physical fitness. For most people, standing 3-4 hours per day would be an increase if they are currently spending their day sitting at a desk. And physically speaking, handling the change and adjusting to it will certainly be quicker than training to run a marathon!

While HealthPostures doesn’t claim that our TaskMate Sit Stand Desks will help you run a marathon, we do have a variety of options that allow users to stand while working. Having a standing desk will burn more calories while working and is the first step in reaching that 3-4 hour standing goal.

In a past post we addressed the topic of increased productivity by having the standing desk option. If you’re more productive AND burning more calories, the benefits are really adding up for both you and your organization! With a standing desk, you can increase your calories burned and your ergonomics in one.