Exploring the Benefits of Becoming a HealthPostures Standing Desk Dealer

As more employees are beginning to enjoy the benefits of standing desks, more businesses are realizing the advantages of selling them. HealthPostures has the best assortment of standing desks and sit/stand chairs around—read on to discover the benefits of becoming a HealthPostures standing desk dealer


Quality ProductsStanding desk dealer

Every standing desk from HealthPostures is a high-end product that is designed to stand the test of time. When you become a HealthPostures standing desk dealer, you can rest assured that you are promoting a quality product to your customers. 


Business Support

HealthPostures lends outstanding support to all our business partners. Our team will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions, guide you through the sales process, and ensure that your business reaps the maximum benefits of our partnership. 


Dealer Discounts

When your business succeeds, HealthPostures succeeds. That’s why we offer dealer discounts to our official standing desk dealers. These discounts will assist you in turning an even larger profit on your selection of HealthPostures standing desks. 


Extended Warranty

HealthPostures offers an extended five-year warranty on our standing desks. We guarantee that every standing desk or sit/stand chair will remain in its proper working condition from five years after the date of shipment to the purchaser. We also ship directly to your customers to ensure the fastest shipping process possible. 


Sales Training

We provide sales and product training for all our ergonomic office solutions to ensure that your business knows the ins and outs of HealthPostures standing desks. Your employees will be able to fully elaborate on our products to your customers, thereby increasing the chances of making a sale. 


Promote a healthier lifestyle for your customers when you become a HealthPostures standing desk dealer. For more information on our ergonomic office solutions, call 800-277-1841 or send us a message at [email protected]