Fitting a Standing Desk Into Your Weight Loss Goals

weight loss goals at workResearch has shown that standing up while working (when compared to sitting down) burns more calories during the workday. So, it’s no surprise that sit-stand desks, sit-stand chairs, and standing desks have become more and more popular in the last ten years. If you have a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer for hours, and you’re trying to meet your weight loss goals, using a standing desk or sit-stand desk may help. Here’s why:

Increase Your Metabolism

Using a standing desk regularly increases your metabolism over time. When compared to sitting at a desk all day, using a sit-stand desk encourages your body to keep your metabolism at a higher rate, even when you’re no longer at your desk.  

Burn More Calories

In addition to boosting your metabolism, using a standing desk will help you burn more calories in each 24 hour period. Standing while working only burns an average of 170 extra calories each workday, but the effects last even after you leave work. Therefore, a standing desk will actually help you burn as many as 2,000 extra calories every 24 hours.

Balance Your Hormones

Your body’s hormones have a huge effect on how quickly you lose weight and burn fat. Standing while working helps trigger chemicals in your body that regulate your blood sugar and burn fat. So, your standing desk can do more than just burn calories—it can help the body activate enzymes and chemicals that decrease bad hormone activity and increase good hormone activity by 90-95%. 

Ready To Get a Standing Desk for Your Workplace?

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