Gamers Gain Competitive Edge with Standing Desks

Ergonomics gaming for Females Pro LeagueStanding desks are not just for corporate offices, executives, and entrepreneurs. Given the long and intense hours that gamers spend at their desk, ergonomic standing desks are also ideal for professional or recreational gamers alike.

Gamers are at Risk

Gamers can often have a long day in front of the computer than the typical office worker. Many gamers may also have a day job where they are sitting at a desk, combined with gaming after work and more sitting. Hours of intense gaming can lead to prolonged sitting, poor posture, and back neck and wrist pain. An ergonomic standing desk (no, not all standing desks are truly ergonomic) can help a gamer to feel better and perform better whether during a gaming tournament or during their day job.

Optimizing your Gaming Setup

You already have an epic setup with your wireless gaming keyboard, high power graphic cards, curved gaming monitor, and only the best headset and speakers. But, have you thought about how if your gaming desk was a standing desk, or you had a Stance Angle Chair to easily change positions, you could gain a competitive edge? Ask us about ergonomic products that are great for gaming or your day job.

Female Pro League Tournament SponsorFemale_Pro_League logo gamer desk

HealthPostures, together with their dealer, ErgoGuys, are proud sponsors of the Female Pro League Call of Duty Tournament coming up September 21 and September 22. Female Pro League is PlayiSolation Owned E-Sports club, dedicated to helping Female Gamers. Good luck to all the ladies playing!

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (North American Females Only) Friday, September 21st
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (European Females Only) Saturday, September 22nd

What Gamers say about HealthPostures

According to a recent survey on Twitter, 46% of gamers indicated that Back Pain was the most painful thing about gaming. HealthPostures is aiming to reduce that number by making gaming posture more ergonomic! Here is what other female gamers say about HealthPostures ergonomic products:

sit-stand desk gamer ergonomicsOmg this really helps relieve my knee pain and back pain. The mobility to is very nice. You really feel the difference ? rating 1-10, Id give it 10 ?”

“They make these chairs to perfection with absolute comfort in mind. Its worth hundreds of thousands in our minds! Gamers that care about their health will definitely benefit from this.”

Interested in learning more about standing desks and ergonomic products to help you feel better while gaming or working?  HealthPostures has products to help promote movement and health during work or play. Contact us here or call us at 800-277-1841.