How to Boost Your Energy at Work

Its 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday and you’re working diligently on your computer like any other day of the week. You are busy typing up that expense report or answering emails when suddenly it hits. That late day tired feeling hits you like a ton of bricks and you get the urge to lie down and take a nap. Your eye lids are getting heavier by the minute and you are about to doze off any second. You need to get your work done so you can leave at 5:00 to go home and be with your family so you try as hard as you can to fight it but try as you might the tired feeling is winning!


Does the above scenario sound like an average day in your life? Do you wish you knew how to get more energy at work? No need to break out the caffeine filled energy drinks; there are much more natural ways to boost your energy at work.


Get up and walk around. The act of sitting all day in a lethargic posture is what’s making you tired. Get up for a few moments and take a quick walk around the office or maybe even around the block. While you’re up go get a drink of water or talk to a co-worker. Not only will this boost your energy but will also reset your frame of mind to get you back working like its 10:00am again.


Do some stretching exercises at your desk. If leaving your cubicle and walking around is not an option stretching at your desk can be the next best thing. Preferably you would want to do these exercises while standing for maximum benefit but you could also do some basic stretches while sitting at your desk. These should get your body jumpstarted again and boost your energy.


Work standing up. You won’t get so lethargic if you don’t sit down in the first place. Not only will standing more at work boost your energy but you will also enjoy many health benefits including the possibility of adding years to your lifespan. Studies have proven that computer workers who employ the use of height adjustable desks or stand up desks have lower rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even mortality. Standing more at work can even help you lose weight so what are you waiting for? Visit today to learn more about the benefits of movement at work.