How to Enjoy the Benefits of Standing Desks with a Laptop

Laptops may be convenient for bringing your work anywhere with you. Ideally, though, most of your time on your laptop computer will still be spent at your desk. Unfortunately, laptops don’t fit into an ergonomic workspace as easily as desktop PCs do. However, you can enjoy the benefits of a standing desk while working on a laptop. Continue reading for some helpful tips.  

Bring the benefits of standing desks to multiple levels. 

HealthPostures Standing Desk LaptopOne common mistake that new standing desk users make is failing to adjust different parts of the workspace to different heights. This is especially true for laptop users. To make the most of your standing desk with a laptop, you’ll want a few additional accessories. A laptop stand will bring your monitor to eye level, while an external mouse and keyboard will keep your hands in a comfortable position lower down. You may even need another level for your work surface with a keyboard tray that sits below your primary desktop surface. 

Add an external monitor. 

A standing desk can help reduce strain in your knees and back as you spend long hours working on your laptop. However, your desk won’t do much to help prevent eye strain. If your laptop has a smaller screen, consider adding an external monitor to your setup so that you can see your workspace in a fuller format. 

Find the right standing desk posture.  

If you’re not maintaining the right posture, you’ll have a hard time enjoying any of the benefits of standing desks, no matter what type of computer you use. Standing at your desk should not hurt or cause strain in any part of the body. If you must hunch, bend, or bow your head to use your workspace effectively, your desk setup needs adjustments. In addition, remember to wear supportive, comfortable shoes to support your good posture

Working in an office shouldn’t be an uncomfortable experience. Improve your office ergonomics with adjustable height desks, standing angle chairs, Clever Electric Lift Legs, and other effective solutions from HealthPostures. Browse our inventory here on our website or call 1-800-277-1841 to discuss your office desk needs.