The Impact of a Sit-Stand Chair Outside the Office

A sit-stand chair is an ergonomic, fully adjustable desk chair that allows you to either sit or stand while working at your computer, reading, or writing at your desk. While sit-stand chairs can reduce your risk of aches and pains after a long workday, they also offer a lot of other health benefits that extend beyond the workplace. Here’s a look at how a sit-stand chair can make an impact outside the office: 

Improved Cardiovascular HealthHealth check impact outside of the office

Sit-stand chairs improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure. Over time, this contributes to better cardiovascular health and a lower risk of cardiac disease. 

Reduces Risk of Dangerous Side Effects of Diabetes

Using a sit-stand chair encourages you to choose the standing option throughout the day. In addition to alternating between sitting and standing throughout the workday, standing after lunch can help reduce blood sugar spikes. Working to lower your blood sugar can help reduce the risk of dangerous side effects of diabetes.

Reduces Muscular and Skeletal Problems

If you have chronic aches and pains, reduced range of motion, stiff joints, muscle spasms or weakness, or any other muscular or skeletal issues that affect your daily life, a sit-stand chair is the adaptive tool you need. Sitting in a regular work chair all day can exacerbate your symptoms — reducing your chances of a full recovery. Not only does a sit-stand chair makes it easier to spend all day at a desk, it’s also easier to get out of if you have mobility issues. 

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