Improve Circulation With a Standing Desk

When you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for hours each day, your circulation will suffer. Poor circulation can lead to several health problems — some of which can be permanent. Using a standing desk for better circulation can improve your overall health, and improve your productivity, focus, and energy. Read on to learn how.  

What Is a standing desk?

A standing desk, or sit-stand desk, is one that can be used while standing. Standing while working offers several health benefits beyond improved circulation. Studies have shown that people who alternate between sitting and standing while working have higher metabolisms, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, better focus, more energy, and are more productive throughout the day. A sit-stand desk can either be controlled manually or electronically, and you can adjust the height to meet your changing needs throughout the workday.  

Dangers of Poor Circulation

Poor circulation increases your risk of heart failure, stroke, and health complications like skin ulcers and blood clots. You are also more likely to heal slower and take longer to recover from illnesses. The older you are, the higher your risk of complications related to poor circulation.

Chest pain at work

How a Standing Desk Can Improve Circulation

A standing desk or sit-stand desk will make you more mindful of your posture throughout the workday. By alternating between sitting and standing while working, you increase your blood flow and circulation. Doctors recommend that people stand up and move around after every 60 minutes of working, and using a sit-stand desk allows you to continue working even while you’re on your feet. Standing desk - improves circulation

Find a Standing Desk That’s Right for You!

If you’re ready to start searching for a standing desk or sit-stand desk for your office, come see us at HealthPostures. We have a huge selection of electric and manual sit-stand workstations that can be used across industries to improve your circulation and better your health. To further explore our products, just call us today at (800) 277-1841 or find a dealer online.