Improve Your Workspace Ergonomics

Improve your workspace - sit/stand desk set-upImprove Your Workspace – Improve Your Life

Whether you work from home or in an office, your workstation layout can eventually affect your health. A poorly designed workstation and low-quality equipment can affect your posture and cause repetitive stress injuries. So, if you’ve been experiencing new or worsening neck, shoulder, or back pain, stiffness, muscle cramps or spasms, eye strain, or headaches – it may be time to improve your workspace. Here’s a look at some simple and affordable ways you can improve your workspace layout for 2023.

  • Use a Sit/Stand Desk

A sit/stand desk is one that can be adjusted to allow you to work while either sitting or standing. Standing up for periods of time improves your posture and circulation, reduces pressure on your muscles and spine, and can reduce your risk of fatigue, aches and pains, and headaches. 

  • Buy Adjustable Office Equipment

Adjustable office equipment can support your spine, encourage better posture, reduce eye strain, and lower your risk of stress injuries. For example, desk chairs, monitor stands, and keyboards are all adjustable office equipment you may benefit from. Using a fully adjustable office chair will offer lumbar support and allow you to adjust its height, slope of the seat, arms, and back as needed. A monitor stand will allow you to place your monitor at eye level; reducing neck and eye strain. While a keyboard with a wrist pad and ergonomic support will allow you to type comfortably without a risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Arrange Your Workstation Ergonomically

Arranging your workstation ergonomically means keeping frequently used office supplies and equipment within reach. This will minimize your need to bend, stretch, reach, and lift throughout the work day. An ergonomically arranged workstation can reduce your risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Improve Your Workspace Ergonomics With HealthPostures

If you’re interested in improving your workstation layout in 2023, browse the HealthPostures catalog. We offer a wide variety of high-quality, affordable, and ergonomic office equipment — including sit/stand desks and chairs, adjustable chairs, monitor stands and mounts, ergonomic accessories, and more. We work with customers across a variety of industries to improve employees’ health and wellness in the workplace. To learn more, just call us today at (800) 277-1841 or find a dealer online