Keep Your Current Desktop with a Standing Desk Converter

Chances are that you’ve heard how dangerous sitting all day can be for your health, and yet, most people find that they have to spend their entire working day in front of a computer instead of moving around. Even with the best intentions to get up and walk around every hour, most people end up too busy to stick to their movement goals. Fortunately, there is an option to reverse the risks of long periods of sitting. Standing desks get you up on your feet without disrupting your workday. If you’ve dismissed standing desks as too expensive in the past, you’ll be relieved to know that you can use a standing desk converter to affordably turn your existing desk into a standing one. Here are some of your options.


standing desk FAQ desktop converter frequently asked questionsTaskmate Electric Standing Desk Converters

The Taskmate line of electric standing desks has a model for everyone, from executives with the need for a converter for a large desk to workers who need something small and easy to use for a nimble workstation. Place your computer and keyboard on the converter, and with a push of a button, the station will raise and lower according to your needs. Spend part of your day standing up, then lower the station to work from a seated position. These tools offer convenience and functionality, so you get the benefits of a standing desk without changing your current setup.


Taskmate EZ Manual Standing Desk Converters

These standing desk converters work similarly to the electric models, except you adjust the position manually when you want to move between sitting and standing. These mobile models are great if multiple people share the same desk or if you need a space-saving solution. The manual adjustment of the height and angle let you achieve the perfect fit for you.


Stance Sit and Stand Chairs

If you want the option to stand at work but not put extra pressure on your feet, consider pairing your standing desk with a sit-and-stand chair. Sit as normal in these chairs or raise them so that you’re fully supported in a standing position, taking pressure off your knees, lower legs, and feet.


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