6912 Dual Monitor w/Articulating Arm


For users who require a dual screen mount configuration, this polished aluminum articulating monitor mount can revolutionize any workspace. By attaching this dual monitor mount arm to the TaskMate sit to stand workstation, you will be able to enhance your productivity. Holding the two displays side by side or back to back, viewing comfort and productivity is dramatically increased through easy repositioning of the screens by adjusting your screens in and out for the ideal focal length. Ergonomic by design, tilt, pan, rotation, display height and focal distance are adjustable by the user with fingertip control. Cables are cleverly managed for a clean look and to reduce clutter.


  1. Can this be attached to the TaskMate Journey 6200?

    Thank you

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your interest in our products! Yes, the 6912 Dual Monitor is a perfect fit to turn the 6200 Taskmate into a dual monitor unit. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call our office at 952-873-3266.

      Thank you!

  2. Sandra Stewart says:

    What is a Task Mate and where do I get one? How much is the Task Mate? What are the dimensions of the two monitors together? Will this attach in the middle of a granite desk that has a hole drilled for an articulating arm? I have one right now attached to my desk, but it is only one monitor, and I want to go to two monitors. As I understand, this price includes both the articulating arm, and the two monitors, is that right?

  3. Sandra Stewart says:

    One more question. Do I have to attach this to a Task Mate, or can I attach it directly to my desk?

    • The 6912 Dual monitor arm can be used independently of the TaskMate and mounted to any desk or table with a grommet hole. It also comes complete with a clamp that allows it to be clamped to the rear of a table or desk.

  4. Will this work with the Taskforce 6100?

    • Hi Sharon, Thank you for your interest in our products! The 6912 dual monitor arm does not work well with the TaskMate 6100 because of interference with the side mounted document/phone holders. The 6912 is more suited to work with the 6200 TaskMate Journey. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at 952-873-3266.


  5. I mean TaskMate 6100?

  6. Hi Sharon
    I have a monitor arm and I wonder if I can use it.
    How does your monitor arm pole attach to the upper surface?
    Is there a hole already or does it clamp on?

    Thank you

    • Yes there is a hole on the upper surface of the 6100 and 6200 TaskMate units that will accept just about any type of monitor mount as long as it mounts using a bolt through or grommet mounting option. Clamp mounting is not recommended.

  7. What is the shipping cost to Hong Kong?

  8. What size monitors will this stand accommodate

  9. We have several of the ‘ 6912 Dual Monitor w/Articulating Arm’, however am unable to find instructions for adjusting this. (especially/specifically the height adjustment).

    Please advise –

    • Hi Rick, Please see the adjustability instructions below. Thank you.
      5.1 Slightly loosen the 1/4” Screws on
      both the front and back of the Dual
      Monitor Mount while keeping both
      monitors supported.
      5.2 Raise/Lower monitors to the desired
      height. Move both monitors and the
      Dual Monitor Mount together.
      5.3 Tighten the 1/4”
      Screws. Tighten Firmly.
      Close both screw caps.
      6.1 Loosen the 5/32” bolt
      on the Monitor Mount.
      6.2 Adjust the vertical angle
      of the monitor to desired
      6.3 Tighten the 5/32” bolt
      on the Monitor Mount
      6.4 Adjust the horizontal angle
      of the monitor to desired
      5/32” Allen Wrench 5/32” Allen Wrench
      Phillips Head
      Display Mounting
      Screws (x8)
      Phillips Head
      Phillips Head

  10. David Dicken says:

    What is the weight limit for the monitors this arm will take without breaking off?

    I have 2 21inch on there now and want bigger ones.


  11. Mason Evans says:

    What is the size limit for the monitors? Will these work with 2 27″ monitors? Is there a weight limit for the monitors?

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