Reducing Leg Fatigue While Using a Standing Desk

It’s no secret that a standing desk can greatly improve the health and well-being of your employees. However, standing for eight hours straight isn’t necessarily the best way to utilize your standing desks. Uninterrupted standing for long periods of time can lead to leg fatigue, which has its own set of health consequences. Find out how to reduce your workers’ leg fatigue with our 6000 Comfort Mat from HealthPostures. 


What is the 6000 Comfort Mat?Ergonomic Comfort Mat - HealthPostures

The 6000 Comfort Mat from HealthPostures is a simple, effective solution for reducing leg fatigue while using a standing desk. This 20″ by 32″ mat provides an ergonomic surface for your employees to stand on. It is constructed from durable, commercial-grade polyurethane foam that provides superior support and comfort. The edges are low-profile to reduce the risk of tripping, and it has been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. Studies have shown that it improves flexibility and reduces the risk of workplace-related injuries. 


How does it reduce leg fatigue?

Standing on a hard, flat surface all day can cause your workers to experience leg soreness and fatigue. The 6000 Comfort Mat provides ¾” of comfortable support for your workers. Much like sleeping on a memory foam mattress is better than resting on a hard floor, standing on the 6000 Comfort Mat offers a better ergonomic solution. 


The memory foam quickly bounces back even after hours of use, ensuring that your 6000 Comfort Mat will stand the test of time. Our team at HealthPostures also offers a five-year warranty to guarantee that you and your workers are satisfied with our ergonomic office solutions.  


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