What to look for in a Standing Angle Adjustable Chair

We are all familiar with the standard ergonomic office chair with lumbar, height adjustment, seatback adjustment, and so on.  But there are also office chairs designed to be used with a standing desk with an adjustable seat angle. Standing Angle Chairs can often be used in different ways than a standard chair, such as leaning or perching positions. Here is a closer look at some standing angle chairs and their best features.

Standing Angle Chairs Features & Benefits


Sitting Mobility

Look for a standing angle chair that offers mobility, allowing the user to move around in the standing chair. Standing angle chairs with casters increase mobility if the chair has to be moved to the side.


stance angle adjustable chair, odd habits in a standing deskSupportive Seat & Back

Many standing chairs have a minimal seat, with the exception of a few that offer more of a saddle seat. Seats that are too stiff may reduce longer usage. Not very many standing angle chairs feature a supportive back, with the exception of the Stance Angle Chair (pictured), which has a large seat and back with thick, supportive, soft padding.


Built-in Foot Rest

A built-in footrest can be handy and offer additional support. Consider your needs for a footrest and anti-fatigue mat when looking at the standing angle chair options and standard features.


Comfortable Seat, even after Long Periods of Standing

Many standing angle chairs are designed for short bouts of standing, rather than standing for 2+ hours at a time. If you are serious about standing, shop for a standing angle chair with a comfortable and supportive seat that is designed for people who will be using their standing desks for more than an hour or so a day.



Standing angle chairs have varying amounts of adjustability so look for one that fits your needs and your height.  With the example of the Stance Angle Chair, both the height and angle of the seat separately.


Positioning Options

Various options such as perching, leaning, and supported standing can be accomplished with standing angle chairs. Since the Stance Angle Chair also features a kneepad, it can be used as a normal office chair with the knees, hips, and elbows at 90°. The kneepad can also provide a  kneeling position at various angles. For a fully upright position,  the user can lean against the seat and backrest in a practically vertical, but supported position.


Made in the USA

Unsurprisingly, many standing angle chairs, standing desks, and ergonomic chairs, in general, are made in China or overseas. Look for a product that is Made in the USA for better quality, more convenient customer service and shipping, and to support our local economy.


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The Stance Angle Chair by HealthPostures is the only standing angle chair that functions in three positions: an ergonomic office chair, a kneeling chair, and a standing desk chair. If you are looking for a standing angle chair that is comfortable and supportive with many positioning options and is made in the USA, HealthPostures has a great solution! Reach out to us online, call us at 800-277-1841, or a local ergonomics/office furniture dealer to learn more about the Stance Angle Chair!