The Advantages of Standing Desks in Call Centers

A standing desk, or sit-stand desk, can offer several surprising health benefits to employees. Providing standing desks for call center employees will entice them to stand more at work and improve workplace ergonomics — which in turn will bring about many other benefits for employees. Take a look at some of the advantages of standing desks in call centers:

Lady at desks in call centers

Reduce Fatigue & Health Problems

Standing while working can reduce employee fatigue by improving blood flow and circulation throughout the body. As an employee shifts from sitting to standing, it reduces pressure on their muscles and spine, which can lower their risk of back and neck pain. Alternating between sitting and standing at work can also lower blood pressure, improve metabolism, reduce the risk of cardiac problems and diabetes complications, lower blood sugar, and burn more calories. 

Lower Call-Out Rates

Because sit-stand desks improve call center ergonomics and reduce health problems, they can also lower your call-out rates. Fewer employees will call out sick due to fatigue, back pain, neck pain, and other work-related injuries. You’ll find that fewer workers’ compensation claims are filed for repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel because your employees have the option to reduce stress and strain on their muscles and joints.

Increase Productivity

A standing desk can also increase productivity and streamline your business operations. Employees will work more efficiently when they are standing, and they will also be more alert and focused as they work. Improving call center ergonomics through the use of sit-stand desks can help your employees reach their full potential.

Learn More About Ergonomics in Call Centers

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