Tips for Enhancing Your Standing Desk Layout

Your standing desk allows you to successfully complete a productive day of work without the pesky soreness and back pain that can accompany a long period of sitting. With these handy tips from HealthPostures, you can make your standing desk layout even more ergonomic.

Adjust Your Screenstanding desk layout - HealthPosture adjustable standing desk

The benefits of a standing desk can be negated if you are still hunched over a computer screen. The prolonged strain on your neck is bound to cause pain and discomfort. If possible, adjust your computer monitor so that you can look straight ahead at your screen with your chin parallel to the ground. It’s a good idea to reduce the brightness on your screen to avoid eye strain. This technique can also help reduce headaches and shoulder stiffness.

Maintain Proper Posture

A standing desk won’t do much good if you are slouching or disregarding other important aspects of office ergonomics. Whether you are standing or sitting, your arms should be at a ninety degree angle. Your wrists should be able to lie in a neutral position without buckling or being propped up. Proper ergonomics will reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful disorder that makes it difficult to type or accomplish similar tasks.

Switch Between Sitting and Standing

While prolonged bouts of sitting can have negative health effects, that doesn’t mean you should be standing for eight hours straight, either. For best results, try to alternate regularly between sitting in an ergonomic office chair like the HealthPostures Stance Angle Chair and standing at an upright desk. If you begin to feel sore or achy, simply switch your position.

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