Welcoming Employees Back to the Office? Upgrade Your Workplace Ergonomics!

Now that your employees are beginning to head back to the office, they may be wondering how they can adjust their working habits. Many workers have found that their at-home ergonomic set-ups improve their quality of life and even enhance their productivity. So, they may be wary of heading back to the office. You can help your employees feel more at home by upgrading your workplace ergonomics with the following solutions. 


Standing DesksHealthPostures standing desk varidesk alternative

Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day has been shown to have negative effects on one’s health. The solution? Standing desks, which offer a variety of health benefits. Standing desks have been proven to reduce soreness and back pain, improve posture, prevent weight gain, and help employees maintain their energy levels throughout the day. 


Sit/Stand Chairs

It can be difficult to sit or stand in one position for too long without becoming sore or uncomfortable. Sit/stand chairs like the HealthPostures Stance Angle Chair allow employees to continually shift their position throughout the day to ensure optimal functionality. They also help workers improve circulation and burn more calories. By elevating the ergonomics of your office, you can help your employees stay healthy and increase their productivity. 


Monitor MountsAtdec Monitor Mounting Solutions by HealthPostures

Ergonomics isn’t just about chairs and desks. The placement of computer monitors can also have a major effect on employee comfort, health, and productivity. Ideally, a computer screen should be at a worker’s eye level, while their wrists should be in a neutral position and their forearms parallel to the ground. If your office set up makes it difficult to move desks or chairs, a monitor mount can help transform your workspace. 


Elevate your health and revitalize your workday with our standing desks and other ergonomic office equipment from HealthPostures. For more information on our ergonomic office solutions, call 800-277-1841 or contact us online