Working from Home & Staying Healthy

Working from home due to the coronavirus? Here is how to get the job done and stay healthy.


Whether you are working from home on a temporary basis because of the COVID-19 outbreak, or you want to make your home office your permanent office, we have some tips for you:

Working from home, Remote working, standing desk by HealthPosturesMaintain Regular Working Hours (or regular for now): Will you be working the same hours at your home office that you do when you are at your regular office? It is good to set a schedule so that you aren’t sending emails at 9pm or distracted by daytime tv.

Take Real Breaks:  Now, we aren’t just talking about folding laundry for your break, but doing something that is actually rejuvenating. Taking a walk outside, Facetiming a friend, or reading a book are all great choices.

Schedule Workouts & Stick to Them: Now that you are working from home, you may need to schedule your workouts differently. Find a time that works and stick to it. Many find that workouts are best to get in right away in the morning because as the day gets crazy, exercise can be the first thing that gets crossed off the schedule.

Find a Dedicated Office Space & Desk: If possible, find a dedicated space that you can use for your office, rather than the dining room table or other shared space. This will help you to keep your work separate from personal stuff. Go ahead and rethink your desk – it doesn’t need to be a standard desk and chair setup but could be an adjustable height desk or standing desk to keep you active.  Place a foot up on a stool and/or alternating with a chair as needed.

Get the Right Tech for Communication: To be able to communicate with your team, it’s important to have the right technology.  Slack is a great solution for team messaging. Zoom works great for video conference calls. Many companies are offering free trials or discounts right now. Other services can be used for free.

work from home, remote working, standing desk by HealthPosturesCreating a Calming Environment: Find soothing things that will help you focus on work and keep stress to a minimum.  Essential oils, a cup of tea, or beginning your day with meditation can help you minimize stress, which can affect your immune system.

Stand up and Move Often: If you don’t have a standing desk in your home office, take frequent breaks to stand up and move. Even if you take a little walk around your home or up and down the stairs, this will help to get your blood moving.  Set a timer to move every hour or so to remind you to move around. You could also try an active meeting and accomplish two things at once.

Eat Healthy & Boost your Immunity: Even though your kitchen and fridge are easy to access, take care to eat healthy while working at home. Eat a healthy diet that is free of sugars and highly processed foods. Make sure you are supplementing with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Probiotics to boost your immunity.

Connect with People Virtually Often: Find social connection, with video conference meetings, Facebook groups, or other methods. Connecting with people doesn’t have to be done in person, but video helps to give the face-to-face communication that we all need.

Be Adaptable & Resilient: During the abrupt shift in our working environment due to COVID-19, we have all learned how important it is to be adaptable and resilient.  For many, working from home will just be temporary. But this sudden move to have many office workers working from home will help all of us be more prepared and more adaptable to rapid change.

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