7 Facts about Standing Desks that will Impress your Boss

Our bodies are not meant to sit 8+ hours a day but the traditional workspace is full of static sitting at desks. It’s time to change that, at least in YOUR workplace, at YOUR desk.  Here are some facts about standing desks that will impress your boss, and maybe even convince him or her how a standing desk will improve your work life!


Standing Desks Facts to Impress your Boss


6400 TaskMate EZ standing desk1. Exercise Doesn’t Trump a Day of Sitting

Does your boss think that adding a gym at work makes up for sitting all day at a desk? Some studies show, that even an hour of intense exercise may not make up the negative effects of an entire day of sitting.


2. Office Workers Experience Back Pain

A common complaint of people who work in an office is back pain.  A study by the CDC has shown that a sit-stand desk can reduce back and neck pain by 54%.


3. Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Happy employees are significant to your business and lead to satisfied customers. One study cites that 87% of standing desk users reported more vigor and energy throughout the day.


4. Creatives & Eccentrics Used Early Versions of Standing Desks

Throughout history, creative writers, artists, and other notable people have used standing desks during their creative works, such as Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, and others.


5. Affordable Standing Desk Options Exist

Getting a standing desk for the office does not mean buying a new, expensive piece of furniture.  There are many different options to make your current static desk or cubicle height adjustable.  For instance, Clever Electric Legs can replace static legs to make an otherwise static desktop surface height adjustable.  The TaskMate Go is attached to the top of your current desk to allow for sitting and standing.


6. Movement at Work is Key

Having a standing desk doesn’t mean you are standing all the time, it means you are moving and changing positions.  It’s a good idea to start slowly, even with 5 minutes every half hour.  Movement has many benefits for mental health too. Try to work your way up to a 50/50 mix of sitting and standing.  Some people even like the “neutral standing” position that can be achieved with products like the Stance Angle Chair.


7. People Who Use Standing Desks are not Weird

Sure, people who use standing desks may have some strange habits, like changing shoes mid-day, standing on one leg, or exercising at their desk.  But using a standing desk definitely encourages movement, and movement that comes naturally is good for the body.  Keep moving and keep standing!


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