Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk

Experts in ergonomics agree that switching between standing and sitting has the effect of less discomfort, increased productivity, and given the choice, it is the preferred method to work from desk users around the globe. Sit Stand Desks are really starting to gain a lot of favor in the workplace as science shows us that it’s a problem to sit for long periods of time without moving. It’s bad for our health, frankly. The accumulating research on desk ergonomics reveals something disturbing, and intriguing. The health hazards for sitting for long periods of time are serious even for people who are seriously active when they’re not in a sitting position. Even if you go to the gym a lot, in other words, it’s still bad to be sitting for long periods of time at your desk. And the benefits of a sit stand desk are continuously increasing:


Sit stand desks used to be seen as novelty, but they’ve entered the mainstream with all the accumulating research, along with the increasing importance of computers in the workplace. Movement variation is the key to retaining a healthy body, and the methods to achieve this are extremely limited in a sitting position. Postural variation is the trick, and the best way to reduce musculoskeletal discomfort. Weight re-positioning and weight redistribution is very important to maintaining a stress-free body when you’re working.


Lower back pressure, along with pressure on the legs and buttocks, is reduced when you’re in a standing position because different sets of muscles are used.
When we go to a standing position from a sitting position, our bodies have a natural inclination to move and stretch. The instant effect is a pressure lessening on the spine and enhanced blood flow throughout the body. Maintaining this variable position for as long as desired during working is optimal.


Technology has moved us to a place where we are the most productive when we’re sitting in front of our computer, and even though we’re told to take breaks and move at the office, this doesn’t always occur. The sit stand desk allows users to get a lot of the benefits they would otherwise get from taking breaks and walking around, but with a lot less interruption. Better desk ergonomics produce more efficient workers, and produce healthier workers. A sit stand desk should be the norm in any office.


The benefits of a sit stand desk are clear; it’s time that you made the decision for yourself or your office to reduce the problems attributed to sedentary and static postures that can contribute to musculoskeletal injuries and work-related problems.


  1. I’ve been using various sit-stand desk setups for 10 years now and have posted a brief summary of the different options here