Fighting Fatigue in Winter Months

It is totally normal to “wind-down” and feel fatigued during these cooler winter months between October and April, but there are ways to combat it. In Prior Lake, Minnesota, where HealthPostures is located, the average low temperature for January is just 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun comes up at about the same time we are headed to work, and starts to set when we are on our way home. Winter can be exhausting…. but we have some ideas for fighting winter fatigue.


Winter Fatigue Fighting Tips


Get out in the Sunlight. Even in cooler winter temperatures, there are opportunities for quick walks outside. You can also try finding a ray of sunshine through an office window to sit with your laptop for a bit. Even though you can get vitamin D supplements, some research says that sun-derived vitamin D may circulate for twice as long as vitamin D from food or supplements.


Try a Sun Lamp or Sunrise Alarm Clock. There are also sun lamps that can help improve your winter mood or treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but these do not impact Vitamin D. Since the dark winter months affect our natural sleep/wake cycle, sun lamps and sunrise alarm clocks can help reset that. Sunrise alarm clocks are often recommended to wake at the time of the June/July sunrise.


Exercise (even when you don’t feel up to it). We make energy by expending energy. Often, you will feel more
energetic after exercising, despite how we feel prior to starting to move.  Daily exercise can also help improve your sleep.  If you are unsure of how to get exercise during the winter months, look to activities you enjoy or activities you haven’t tried yet.  For instance, ice skating, skiing, and snowshoes can all be fun winter activities for the whole family that also get your moving and exercising.


Eat like it’s Summer. We tend to lean more toward comfort foods and carbs in the winter, where summers are easier to eat fresh salads and other light snacks from the garden. Fruits and vegetables will help you to feel better and less lethargic. There are many delicious winter vegetables that are good raw or in warm comfort foods such as stews or casseroles.


Practice Good Posture at Work. For many people at desk jobs, sitting all day can lead to poor posture, sore back/neck, tight muscles. Standing, stretching, and changing positions during the workday helps to improve circulation, stimulate brain activity, and help you get through sluggish hours at work. A sit-stand desk that allows you to easily move from sitting to standing is a great way to ensure movement and energy during the workday, among other benefits.


Get a Good Night’s Sleep.  Even though we can often feel more sluggish during the winter months, we don’t need more sleep in the winter than the summer. Sleeping too much can make you feel more sluggish during the day.  Aim for about 8 hours of good quality sleep and go to bed at the same time each day.


De-Stress & Treat yourself to the Goodness of the Season – There are many wonderful things to enjoy about winter months. Warm fireplaces, cozy blankets, and a good book, and a warm cup of tea for instance.  Let yourself de-stress and enjoy the comforts of the winter months.


Consider adding in Nutritional Supplements. There are some supplements that are used by people to ward off the winter blues including a very good multivitamin, Vitamin B complex, Omega 3, and vitamin D3. It is said that Vitamin D deficiencies are more common in the winter due to the lack of sunlight. Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to problems such as depression, diabetes, and cancer.


Hold Tight, the Sun is Coming!

Before we know it, winter will be done, the birds will be chirping, and we will be doing lawn work in the sunshine! In the meantime, try winter fatigue busters and see what works for you. If you are curious about adding a standing desk to your workday, give HealthPostures a call at 800-277-1841or contact us here.  We have several different options for home offices, corporate settings, and even medical offices.  The Stance Angle Chair transforms how we think about sitting and products like the Clever Electric Lift Legs can turn any work surface into an adjustable desktop.