Great Reasons to Start Using a Standing Angle Chair

If you have a standing desk, or you vary between sitting and standing throughout your workday, you have taken a big step in improving your health, but are you comfortable? There are a variety of ergonomic seating options available to you, but a standing angle chair will benefit you in whichever position you choose to work. Keep reading to see why you should start using a standing angle chair


stance angle adjustable chair, odd habits in a standing desk, standing angle chairSupportive Ergonomics

When you are standing at your desk, do you catch yourself locking your knees, leaning on your desk, or slouching? These habits can cause damage to your knees, hips, back, or neck. A standing angle chair helps to maintain a more ergonomically supportive position whether you are sitting, kneeling, or standing. 


Pressure Relief 

Standing or kneeling for a lengthy amount of time can put stress on your back and knees while sitting for a prolonged period can cause stress to your tailbone and back. Switching to a standing angle chair can help to relieve pressure by reducing the amount of weight and strain you are putting on your body in any one position. In other words, you can enjoy all the benefits of standing or sitting at your desk, without any added pressure on your joints. 


Flexibility for Any Position

A sit stand chair provides you the flexibility to go from sitting, to kneeling, to standing all with one chair. There is no need to have a separate chair for sitting or a stool, which is not always ergonomically effective, as a backup when you are standing. This flexibility also contributes to relieving pressure on your joints because you are not limited to staying in any one position for long periods. 


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