Writing a Letter of Medical Necessity for an Ergonomic Standing Angle Chair

If you have a specific medical condition that requires the use of a specialty office chair, such as a standing angle chair, speak with your workplace’s benefits administrator to determine if all or a portion of the cost of the ergonomic chair may be eligible for coverage through your Flexible Savings Account (FSA) / Health Spending Account (HSA) with appropriate documentation. Appropriate documentation for an ergonomic office chair or standing angle chair, in many cases, includes a well-written letter of medical necessity (LMN) from your doctor and/or chiropractors.

Can an ergonomic office chair or standing angle chair be prescribed for me?

Letter of medical necessity for angle adjustable chairYes, you can get a prescription for a standing angle adjustable chair if you have a specific condition that could be helped with the use of the ergonomic equipment being prescribed.  A letter of medical necessity will be necessary to get the standing desk prescription.

What is a Letter of Medical Necessity?

A letter of medical necessity is a detailed “doctor’s note” that is written specifically to address the equipment needs and associated health benefits for the specific individual. For instance, If you are experiencing pain or other issues from sitting at a desk, there are likely valid medical reasons to start using a standing desk.

Who can write a letter of medical necessity for an ergonomic chair?

A doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or registered nurse can all write you a letter of medical necessity for an ergonomic chair or standing angle chair. Sometimes it can be beneficial to have more than one medical professionals sign the letter.

Learn more about the medical benefits of changing positions throughout the day.

Sample Letter of Medical for an Ergonomic Standing Angle Chair

(Include Doctors name and address)

(Include patient details including name, date of birth, insurance ID number if applicable)

To Whom It May Concern:HealthPostures Stance Angle Adjustable Chair

I have been treating (patient name) as his/her primary caregiver. This XX-year-old man/woman reports decreased sensation in her lower back and bilateral lower extremities when sitting at his/her desk at work (insert your specific medical issues from prolonged sitting here).

For office workers who are asked to work from a sitting position 5+ hours a day, these symptoms can be lessened, or prevented, with the use of an ergonomic standing angle chair that allows the user to be fully supported in both the sitting and standing positions. Studies have shown there are benefits to alternation standing and adjusting positions while working, as opposed to sitting alone.

These health benefits of an angle adjustable chair include: (include the health benefits specific to the individual)

Acute Discogenic Pain
Chronic Discogenic Pain
Chronic Upper Back Pain
Chronic Lower Back Pain
Chronic Neck Pain
Cervicogenic Headaches
Reduction of edema of the lower extremities
Improvement in circulation
Decrease in back pain
Decrease in average blood pressure
Other: __________________

It is for these reasons that I am recommending that (patient name) use an ergonomic, angle adjustable chair, the Stance Angle Chair, while working.  An ergonomic chair that allows for changing positions is reasonably expected to reduce the physical, developmental, or mental effects of (provide details about illness, injury, or disability).

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


(signature of MD name and title)


Other Letter of Medical Necessity Writing Tips

• Were you able to trial a standing desk or angle adjustable chair? List successes with the trial or treatment.
• There are many recent medical studies and articles on the health benefits of standing desks that you can cite.
• What other treatments or equipment have you tried that hasn’t worked? List previous and failed treatments.
• Were other lesser costly treatments recommended?  Address why those suggested treatments were not chosen.
• Be specific about physical and/or psychological factors that are relevant to the individual and the chosen treatment.

How can we help?

Ready to learn more? Need help writing a letter of medical necessity for your standing desk or an Ergonomic Stance Angle Adjustable Chair? Give HealthPostures a call at 800-277-1841 or contact us here if you are ready to improve your workday and your health.  We have several different options for home offices, corporate settings, and even medical offices.  The Stance Angle Chair transforms how we think about sitting and products like the Clever Electric Lift Legs can turn any work surface into an adjustable desktop.