HealthPostures has First Sit-Stand Desktop on the Market

Did you know that HealthPostures was selling desktop units about four years before anyone else?HealthPostures was the very first company to have a height-adjustable, desktop sit-stand unit on the market back in late 2003, early 2004. HealthPostures laid the groundwork with customers, ergonomist, and office furniture dealers to help make sit-stand ergonomic more acceptable and understood.
Stance & TaskMate 2003 - Original sit-stand desktop

Here are the Stance Angle Chair and the TaskMate sit-stand desktop, back in 2003. The TaskMate was sold an accessory with the Stance.

First Sit-Stand Desktop

In 2003, HealthPostures created a category of product that did not exist previously – the adjustable sit-stand desktop unit. The desktop unit was originally created to lift a monitor/keyboard for the Stance Angle chair. Soon after it was on the market the TaskMate sit-stand desktop unit started to sell by itself without the Angle chair, and a new product was born!

Standing Desk Education

The perception of sit-stand products has changed dramatically since HealthPostures was founded in 1996. When the TaskMate was introduced in 2003, explaining the desktop concept to our dealer network and customers was a challenge. HealthPostures spent the next 2-3 years educating our customer base on the health benefits importance of ergonomic sit-stand workstations.  Now, standing desktops are very popular and some version of a sit-stand desktop unit is sold by almost every office furniture manufacturer. You will now see these types of products in mainstream advertising and the workplace has changed to embrace healthy movement at work.


TaskMate Generates Repeat Customers

As pioneers in the industry, we have many companies that buy products like the TaskMate sit-stand desktop on a regular basis to keep their workforce productive and comfortable. Most of the time when companies purchase sit-stand workstations it is because an employee has a condition where they need something like the TaskMate to help them make it through their workday. People like the idea that the TaskMate is easy to use and does not take up a lot of desk space compared to other desktop standing units.  Another feature that people like is that the keyboard tray will adjust below the desk surface so that the unit is ergonomically correct for more people.


Expanding Ergonomic Product Lines

The original electric lift TaskMate has had a few minor changes over the years. A new and improved keyboard mechanism allows for better independent adjustability with the keyboard height and tilt. In addition to product improvement, HealthPostures is always evolving and adding new ergonomics products. Customer feedback led to other sit-stand products and other desktop units. The TaskMate Go and the TaskMate Slide are assisted-lift standing desks while the TaskMate EZ Computer Station has a manual lift.


Interested in learning more about the original sit-stand desktop, the TaskMate or the Stance Angle Chair?  Contact a local dealer or fill out this form for more information!