Push Goals and Standing Desk Habits

There are 101 different ways to set goals or New Years Resolutions… from finding a guiding word or Chris Brogan’s three words, to Gretchin Rubin’s 21 for 2021 list. If you follow James Clear, you might be focusing on systems instead of goals or Habit Stacking. Another method of goal setting that has been made popular by Author & Motivational Speaker, Chalene Johnson, is creating a “push goal”.


What is a Push Goal?

A push goal is the one goal on your list that if achieved would make all (or most) of the others possible. It’s not necessarily the most important goal, but it helps you to push to achieve your other goals.  Often times when people make a list of goals, a goal may emerge as being a “Push Goal” that when done, would help other goals to also be accomplished.


Using your Standing Desk during the Work Day as a “Push Goal” or for “Habit Stacking”


Push Goal and Standing Desk HabitsWe have heard from many people who use standing desks, that when they have a goal of standing for a certain amount of time each day, often other goals fall into place while they are using their standing desk. This is also similar to the “Habit Stacking” strategy that James Clear talks about in Atomic Habits. Let’s take a look at some examples:


Get Tasks Done While Standing: Use your standing desk when performing certain tasks related to your goals. For instance, standing while journaling, finishing a specific project like creating a video or writing a book, or writing in your planner.


Connect with People Standing Up: Many people like to use their standing desk while making phone calls. If you are in a sales or a job role that includes connecting with people on a daily basis, standing while talking to people on the phone or Zoom can make it easier for you to be mobile and engaging. Using your standing desk while making sales calls could help you be more confident, reach your career goals, or make a certain amount of commission.


Burn Calories and Control Weight: If you are trying to burn more calories or minimize the chance of gaining weight, a standing desk can help. Some people have lost weight by using a standing desk all day, such as this CEO. Although standing occasionally during the day probably won’t burn enough calories to lose weight, it can reduce the risk of gaining weight, according to a recent study and this article in the Washington Post.


Reduce Back Pain: If your goal is to reduce spinal pain and feel healthier, a standing desk can help. Since back, hip, and spine pain can come from sitting too much, using a standing desk can help alleviate that back pain, and reduce pressure on your lower back.


Get more Done:  There are several studies that show that people who use standing desks are more productive, such as the Call Center study citing “Standing desk users were 45% more productive than employees who sat.” So if you are looking to get more done during the workday, a standing desk may help you to achieve that goal.


Reach your Standing Goal:  If you have an Apple Watch, you are probably getting those hourly reminders that it is “Time to stand up and move around for a minute.”  Having an adjustable standing desk makes this much more achievable to not just get one minute an hour of standing in, but closer to the recommended daily ratio of 60% standing, 40% sitting.


HealthPostures is Here to Help your Reach your Goals.

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