Mistakes You Might be Making at your Standing Desk

If you are using your standing desk incorrectly, it can lead to back or neck pain, which pretty much defeats getting out of your chair in the first place.  Let’s take a look at a few common mistakes that people with their standing desks.

You are standing too much (or not changing positions enough).

Despite what a lot of people think, standing desks are not meant for standing all day.  Height adjustable standing desks work the best when people use them to change positions frequently throughout the day. This way, the person gets not too much sitting, not too much standing, but a lot of movement and variety which is good for the body and the mind.

Standing desk mistakes

Your monitor is too low (or too high).

If your monitor is too low, it will eventually lead to neck or upper back pain.  Raise your monitor high enough so you can see it clearly without leaning your head down.  Take some time in the beginning of your workday to position your standing desk so the top of the monitor is even with your eyes, and that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle (alligator arms). Here are some more ergonomic tips for your desk.

You are wearing the wrong shoes.

Standing in high heels or any heel for that matter could be creating lower back pain.  If you are working from home, you will probably find it easy to wear some comfortable shoes, or maybe even slippers.  Bare feet may be comfortable for a little while, especially if you have an anti-fatigue mat, but most people will want to wear supportive shoes if they are standing for a longer period of time.  If you work in an office setting where dressing up is more of the norm, you may want to have other shoes to switch into for standing, or just get a comfortable dress-up shoe.

You use your standing desk for….. sitting.HealthPostures Stance Angle Adjustable Chair

Let’s face it, not everyone who has a standing desk uses it for standing.  It can be easy to fall into normal routines, leaving a height-adjustable desk in the comfortable, familiar, sitting position. If you are looking for some ways to work the standing desk habit back into your routine, check out these ideas sparked from the Atomic Habits book by James Clear. You can also look at alternative standing products, such as HealthPostures Stance Angle Adjustable Sit-Stand Chair which supports you in any position from sitting to standing.

You think you have to stand still.

Don’t feel like when you are at your standing desk, that you need to be standing still.  When you stand, feel free to stretch, fidget, and even dance.  Moving while you are standing is a great way to keep your body active.

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