Tips for Office Managers Introducing Standing Desks to the Workplace

The research is clear: Sitting for too long is deadly. Some people say that sitting all day is as dangerous to your health as smoking, but many workers find that they spend over 90% of their days sitting at a desk. Standing desks are a great solution to balance work demands with the need to stand up and be active. If you’ve decided to make standing desks part of your workplace, then you’ve taken a tremendous step towards improving the health, happiness, and vitality of your team. There may be a period of adjustment at first, but these tips for helping office managers introduce standing desks will help to smooth the transition.


Many workers find that they spend over 90% of their days sitting at a desk.



Plan the Workspace Transition

tips for standing desk transition for managers, Standing Desks to the WorkplaceIt is hard to get employees excited about a change that affects their workflow without some advanced warning and a plan for the transition. Let your employees know well in advance that you’ll be adding standing desks and let everyone know when the new desks are delivered. Train your employees on how to use the desks, such as recommending the right posture and stretches to utilize throughout the day.


Highlight the Health Benefits of Standing

Standing desks reduce leg and ankle swelling, improve back pain, fight fatigue, and even improve overall mood. Standing also burns more calories than sitting and improves productivity. Make sure your employees understand all these ways standing desks can help them!


Get the Tools They Need

Standing desks are more comfortable to use when there are anti-fatigue mats in place. Alternatively, some employers may prefer to opt for sit-stand chairs that give employees support while standing. Make sure the standing desks are adjusted to the appropriate positions for each employee. Standing desk converters let you use your existing desks to create highly customizable workstations.


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