10 Health & Ergonomic Culprits to Fix in your Office Now

When you walk into your office, do you feel energized or drained?  What about after working from your desk for an hour or two, or for a day?  Here are some health and ergonomic problems that you may not realize are affecting your health or productivity.


Health & Ergonomic Culprits to Avoid


health and ergonomics office issuesBad lighting.  Make sure your desk has adequate lighting for you to see your work and not strain your eyes. An adjustable desk lamp with task-focused lighting is a great choice.


Temperature issues. If your office is too cold, too hot, or drafty, it is going to affect your productivity. As your body struggles to get comfortable in an uncomfortable environment, you may find your mind wandering or frequent breaks to get comfortable. In the winter months, some people like to add a foot warmer or chair warmer to keep warm while at their desk.


Noisy office or surroundings.  Whether you have too much street noise or noise from a neighbor in a cubicle or office next door, noise-canceling headphones can be a great solution.


Sitting too much. When you back or hips get sore, and you feel the urge to stand up, an adjustable standing desk can help you keep moving while working. There are many other indications that you may benefit from a standing desk here.


Telephone positioning. Make sure that your phone is in reach. If you are on the phone often and need to write or type at the same time, do it safely.  Do not use your shoulder to cradle your phone to your ear.  If needed, invest in a headset so you can be on the phone hands-free.


The positioning of your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Many chiropractors have seen an increase in spine and neck issues stemming from people staring at a monitor that is not positioned correctly.  In fact, Dr. Nick Anderson, a chiropractor in Minnesota, recommends using a height-adjustable standing desk to avoid neck and spinal problems. Usually, experts say the top of the screen should be at or slightly below eye level. Place your mouse and keyboard at a distance that allows you to keep your elbows close to your body.


Bad posture and slouching.  If you do not have a supportive office chair, you may find yourself slouching or more likely to have poor sitting and posture.  Be sure to sit up with your back straight and your shoulders back.  Here are some simple exercises and stretches to do while at work to keep your body healthy.  Learn more about the importance of having an ergonomic home office here.


Too much snacking.  It’s easy to snack during the day when coworkers bring rolls or doughnuts, your neighbor has a candy dish, or there is a lunch meeting.  Even if you are working from home, the temptation of the kitchen being around the corner can create constant snacking. Plan your lunch so you are not making decisions when you are hungry. Be sure to take time away from your desk for your lunch break.


Not Moving Enough.  Even if your day is full of meetings, you could try a walking meeting or even using a standing desk whenever you have a conference call or webinar.  Make sure you are changing positions during the day, whether that means using an angle-adjustable office chair like the Stance, taking a walk over the noon hour, or knocking out a quick 3-minute workout mid-day and mid-morning.


Phone and Social Media Traps.  Having your phone nearby you all day can lead to added distractions.  Social media notifications can also create unnecessary interruptions. Be intentional with your social media during the workday, set a specific time to check your accounts and stick with it.


Looking for more ideas on how to make your office life healthier? Even if you are working from home during COVID-19, a big part of a healthier day is movement. Changing positions and moving with the use of a standing desk, walking meetings, and office stretches are all a great way to work natural movement into your workday.


Ready to learn more? Give HealthPostures a call at 800-277-1841 or contact us here if you are ready to improve your workday and your health.  We have several different options for home offices, corporate settings, and even medical offices.  The Stance Angle Chair transforms how we think about sitting and products like the Clever Electric Lift Legs can turn any work surface into an adjustable desktop.