Frequently Asked Questions about Standing Desks

Making the decision to purchase a standing desk is not something to be taken lightly. Unless you are purchasing a standing desk from cardboard or particle board, standing desks are not cheap, but an investment in your health and career that should stand the test of time. So, we understand the need to do your research before buying a standing desk. We have gathered some of the most frequent questions about standing desks right here for you.


Standing Desk Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best standing desk for tall people?standing desk FAQ desktop converter frequently asked questions
To add to the list of “tall people problems” is the fact that a lot of the standing desks out there are still not tall enough, but there is the TaskMate Slide. The TaskMate Slide is a desktop converter by HealthPostures and has a maximum standing height of 45 inches. Not only is it a standing desk that is ergonomically designed for taller individuals, the monitor height, keyboard height, and forearm height can all be properly aligned. Mobility is key with people of all heights – keep changing positions and move during the work day.

How much does a standing desk cost?
The cost of buying a standing desk can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. But the nice part is that you have the option to decide what bells and whistles you want to invest in. For instance, is an electric lift important to you, or are you ok with a manual or assisted lift? Above all, make sure that your standing desk is designed to be ergonomically correct. Many standing desk manufacturers today are focused on getting people standing, but forgetting that standing ergonomically correct is key. This is where HealthPostures products shine.

What is the best standing desk for laptops?
As a society on the go, there is no doubt that standing desks made for laptop users are very popular. The TaskMate Slide has a laptop desk and monitor mount that is purposefully designed to combine a spacious work surface and keyboard tray with the ergonomic features needed to maintain a comfortable, healthy position. This adjustable height workstation locks into place, lowers flush to the surface of the desk, and utilizes an assisted mechanism that virtually eliminates the effort to lift the desk up and down.

What standing desk allows me to use two monitors?
The 6350 Taskmate Go by HealthPostures easily allows for two monitors to be mounted for sitting and standing use.
Looking for an option to attach even more monitors to your desk? Products like a Six screen Monitor Arm  are available and can be combined with products like the Clever Electric Legs for an impressive set up.

Where can I try a standing desk?HealthPostures standing desk varidesk alternative
HealthPostures standing desks are available through a network of dealers across the United States. Many of them have products in their showroom that you can try or that they can make available to you. You can see our list of dealers here. 

Why does using a standing desk make your legs so tired?
When people first get a standing desk, many are surprised by the effort it takes to stand during the work day when your body is not used to it. There are some ways to avoid standing desk fatigue, including standing for short intervals each hour, rather than long periods of time.

Which transition to standing is the best (manual, assisted, electric, etc.)?
When it comes to height adjustable standing desks, there are many options for getting your desk to transition standing. Some lift options that HealthPostures offers includes a manual lift, a gas cylinder lift, and electric lift with the push of a button. One thing to consider when purchasing a standing desk and the type of lift is the weight capacity of your desk.

What is the best way to make by cubicle desk height adjustable?
With a product like the Clever Electric Legs, any work surface can be made height adjustable – just keep your same work surface but add the option of electric adjustable legs. Another option would be to use a desktop converter to add height adjustability to your current desk, like the TaskMate Go to attached to the desk in your cubicle.

What are alternatives to the Varidesk and other desk converters?
Bigger is not necessarily better, and even though HealthPostures is not as big of a company as some of the others out there, we have been around longer. So, yes, we are a little biased, but we think that our standing desks are better because they are designed to be ergonomically correct, built to last, and proudly made in the USA. Here is one standing desk comparison of the HealthPostures Go compared to competitor desks. We will let you decide!


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