Setting Goals for a Healthier Workplace in the New Year

With the new year comes the inevitable wave of New Year’s resolutions that usually fall to the wayside by February, leading to feelings of frustration and guilt. If you’re ready to not only set, but achieve your goals for a healthier workplace in the new year, try taking advantage of a cutting-edge standing desk from HealthPostures

The Impact of Sitting

2022 Goals - standing more with height adjustable deskMany people wish to be healthier, whether that comes in the form of a gym membership, an improved diet, or weight loss. Unfortunately, most working professionals are required to sit at a desk for eight hours, five days a week, making it difficult to find time to exercise and promoting a sedentary lifestyle. Prolonged sitting has been proven to lead to weight gain, heart disease, back pain, poor circulation, and a myriad of other health risks. 

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

While your career may necessitate desk work, you don’t have to give up on your health goals for the sake of your professional ones. With a standing desk or ergonomic desk chair, you can continue to work at an efficient and productive pace and simultaneously improve your health. Standing desks allow you to increase your daily level of physical activity while still engaging in your career. 

Enhance Your Health

Research has proven that standing desks increase productivity, burn more calories, and decrease user risk of developing harmful conditions like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Our clients have reported feeling more alert, active, and cheerful when using their standing desk. If you’re ready to take on your goals, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect ergonomic office solution for your individual needs. 

Achieve your goals for a healthier workspace with our standing desks and other ergonomic office equipment from HealthPostures. For more information on our ergonomic office solutions, call 800-277-1841 or contact us here.