HealthPostures Lineup of Sit Stand Desk Products

HealthPostures has an extensive lineup of sit stand desk products that range in price, function and feature to suit every need or budget. All of our ergonomic workstation products are constructed in the USA of high grade American steel and are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.



For the budget conscious we have the TaskMate EZ sit stand desk. At a regular retail price of $299.00, it is easily one of the most cost effective ways to introduce your office or other work environment to the benefits of sit stand ergonomics. The TaskMate EZ securely bolts to any existing desk, table or work surface or can be clamped to the back of a table with the optional clamp accessory. The TaskMate EZ is a great choice for those looking to get into sit stand at work for the first time or for the office with budget restraints.


Our TaskMate Go series sit stand workstation has a few more features and functionality, including the ability to lift The new TaskMate Go from HealthPosturesitself with a patented spring loaded mechanism. The TaskMate Go has many ergonomic features to keep you or your staff performing all day long. The monitor has the ability to tilt, pan and swivel for optimal viewing pleasure. The range of height will adjust for even some of the tallest of workers and the included top tray will bring along all of the needed items while you work standing up. The 3 position tilting keyboard tray will help keep your hands at optimal angle to the keyboard providing comfort and helping to prevent carpal tunnel. The Taskmate Go Sit Stand product securely attaches to the front of almost any desk or table with just the twist of a clamp and it comes in either a single or dual monitor version. This product is perfect for individuals or offices that want to maximize ergonomic features while still remaining on budget.


The TaskMate electric Series consists of the TaskMate Journey and the TaskMate Executive and are for those lookingExecutive Taskmate 6100 Adjustable Height Desk for the ultimate in sit stand ergonomic comfort! The TaskMate electric series provides superior ergonomics over and above what any other sit stand product on the market can provide. Both electric sit stand workstations are controlled electronically with the push of a button providing the user with the ability to sit and stand throughout the day effortlessly and quietly. The TaskMate Executive includes all of the available accessories in one convenient package. An extended tabletop, phone holder and copy holder are all included providing the user with everything needed to sit stand with ease. if you are serious about ergonomic features in a sit stand workstation for your home office or business, The TaskMate Executive is the product for you!


HealthPostures not only has the products you need to position your monitors, keyboard and other computer peripherals for a comfortable sit stand  work environment, we also have the products to position YOU! The Stance Move is a R42A0190-Rrevolutionary sit stand positioning device that lets you get rid of that old, outdated, uncomfortable office chair and start working the Stance Move way! The Stance Move is the only 3 position seating option on the market and provides all day comfort while allowing you to work in 3 healthy positions. With this sit stand seating alternative you can sit, kneel or stand. for a healthy sit stand work style we prefer you stand and move but sometimes you just have to sit down. You can do so and keep a healthy posture in our product. The backless design keeps your inner core working, burning fat and keeping you energized. The kneeling option is a wonderfully relaxing option that keeps your spine in line without the slouching that occurs in a normal chair. it also takes some of the pressure off of your spine and transfers it to your knees. Standing in the Stance Move is effortless because the device props you up and locks in your knees for hours of comfortable standing at your job.


HealthPostures has been positioning people for a healthy work environment for 17 years. To learn more about our company or products please visit us on the web at