Which Sit Stand Desk is Right For Me?

You may be hearing a lot lately about Sit Stand Desks. On the TV news, in the newspaper, on blog posts and even Facebook, everyone seems to be talking about Sit Stand Desks. Sitting disease is scary. In fact a 2010 British Journal of Sports Medicine article suggests that people who sit for long periods of time have an increased risk of death. So now that you know about the problem, it’s time to get out of the dark ages of sitting 8 hours a day behind a desk. It’s time to get a sit stand desk, but how to choose a desk?


There are several different companies now marketing sit stand desks who sprang up in the last few years but only one company has been the pioneer in sit stand technology for over 17 years and that is HealthPostures. HealthPostures is a company based out of Prior Lake, Minnesota that produces all of their products in the U.S. unlike the competition who’s products mostly originate from China. HealthPostures provides an industry leading 5 year warranty on all of it’s sit stand desks and usually ships their products in 1-2 business days.


The TaskMate EZ is a basic, manually operated sit stand desk that enables an individual or office to get into the healthTaskMate EZ 6400 benefits of a sit stand work style without breaking the bank. At a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of only $299.00, this budget conscience model is one of the most cost effective ways to adopt a healthy working lifestyle. The TaskMate EZ features solid steel construction, a large keyboard platform/work surface and ergonomic independent adjustment of the keyboard and monitor. If you just want to give sit stand working a try for the immense health benefits but don’t have a large budget, the TaskMate EZ may be the model for you.


If budget is less of a concern but you require more ergonomic features, you might want to Taskmate Go up wdual monitortake a look at the TaskMate Go. This sit stand desk features a spring loaded mechanism to help lift your keyboard and monitor with little or no effort on your part, a tilting keyboard tray and an included auxiliary work surface. The TaskMate EZ sit stand desk attaches to your desk, table or work surface in minutes with no assembly required. Just clamp to your table, attach your monitor and begin working. The Taskmate Go is built to give you many years of trouble free operation and comes in either a single monitor or dual monitor configuration. Considering all the included features like the auxiliary work surface, built in copy holder and solid steel construction, The TaskMate Go is one of the very best values in sit stand workstations available today!


If you are looking for the ultimate in sit stand ergonomic comfort, look no further than the TaskMate Executive or TaskMate Journey.  This premium sit stand desk provides the user with the ability to lift up to 2 monitors, keyboard and all other necessary working items to a comfortable standing height with just the push of a button. A strong electric Executive Taskmate 6100 Adjustable Height Deskactuator powers this sit stand workstation and enables it to lift up to 50 lbs effortlessly. Installation is a breeze, just set the unit on your existing work surface, plug it into the nearest electrical outlet and attach any accessories. The TaskMate electric series is perfect for the high ranking executive or anyone with a preexisting back or neck condition that makes lifting impossible.


No matter what type of sit stand product you decide to choose we know that you will benefit greatly from the added energy, reduced back and neck pain and increased productivity. Buy an ergonomic desk today!