7 Standing Desk Stretches to Keep your Workday Active

Working at a desk job and being in a stagnant sitting position for 40+ hours a week can be draining. Our bodies were meant to move and change positions.  At HealthPostures, we believe in sitting less and moving more, which is why we offer a full line of height-adjustable desks, sit-stand desks, desktop converters, and […]

Working at Home? Brush up on Home Office Ergonomics

With COVID-19, more of us than ever are working from home.  With little preparation, we have shifted from our cubicle or office at work to working from home. Our workspaces at home are often not offices, but anything from a dining room table to a desk in a bedroom to a basement office.  Let’s take […]

Working from Home & Staying Healthy

Working from home due to the coronavirus? Here is how to get the job done and stay healthy.   Whether you are working from home on a temporary basis because of the COVID-19 outbreak, or you want to make your home office your permanent office, we have some tips for you: Maintain Regular Working Hours […]

Fighting Fatigue in Winter Months

It is totally normal to “wind-down” and feel fatigued during these cooler winter months between October and April, but there are ways to combat it. In Prior Lake, Minnesota, where HealthPostures is located, the average low temperature for January is just 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun comes up at about the same time we are […]

29 Signs that You May Need a Standing Desk

How do you know when the time is right to get a standing desk? What if you wait too long? Since standing desks are a relatively new product, it can be challenging for people to determine what indicates a need for an adjustable standing desk. We thought we would pull together some of the situations […]

Standing Desk User Stands Up & Speaks Up

Teresa Satterfield works in a property management office and is on the computer around 8 hours a day. She has noticed how spending long amounts of time at her computer affect her work day and overall well-being. She recently started using the TaskMate Go from HealthPostures. Prior to getting a standing desk she had some […]

Active Kids are Tomorrow’s Standing Desk Owners

Kids always seem to always be moving, fidgeting, and thinking about recess.  Many progressive schools are working movement and changing positions into the typical school day because they know that kids learn more and can focus better when they are changing positions. Today’s active kids are tomorrow’s standing desk owners! Why Movement in the Classroom […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Standing Desks

Making the decision to purchase a standing desk is not something to be taken lightly. Unless you are purchasing a standing desk from cardboard or particle board, standing desks are not cheap, but an investment in your health and career that should stand the test of time. So, we understand the need to do your […]

Get a Sneak Peak at our new Electric Desktop WorkStation at the Ergo Expo

HealthPostures is exhibiting at the Ergo Expo August 20-23 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Jared Elliott, President of HealthPostures Inc., will be at the conference to answer questions from health and safety professionals and ergonomists. Jared explained, “Since HealthPostures introduced the first desktop sit-stand unit in 2003, we have been continuing to innovate […]

What Millennials Want from Today’s Modern Workplace

Do you have millennials working for you?  Keeping millennials happy at work is not much different than Baby Boomers or Gen X.  It’s really about getting back to the basics! Here are some ways to make your workplace millennial-friendly and keep the rest of your employees happy too.   Millennial Workplace Wishlist:   Give back […]

Famous Writers Who Used Standing Desks

Even though it may seem like standing desks are new technology and modern furniture for the work world, they have actually been around a very long time. In reality, there have been several authors and statesman in history who have used some form of a standing desk while writing or doing creative works.  People have […]

8 Ways to Avoid Standing Desk Fatigue

Using a standing desk can be tiring, especially if you are just beginning.  Here are a few tips to reduce standing desk fatigue so you can get the most out of your sit-stand desk and maximize your work day!   Fight Standing Desk Fatigue with these Tips   1.  Change up your standing position with […]