A Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for a Standing Desk

If you have a specific medical condition that requires the use of a standing desk, speak with your workplace’s benefits administrator to determine if all or a portion of the cost of a standing desk may be eligible for coverage through your Flexible Savings Account (FSA) / Health Spending Account (HSA) with appropriate documentation. Appropriate documentation […]

10 Health & Ergonomic Culprits to Fix in your Office Now

When you walk into your office, do you feel energized or drained?  What about after working from your desk for an hour or two, or for a day?  Here are some health and ergonomic problems that you may not realize are affecting your health or productivity.   Health & Ergonomic Culprits to Avoid   Bad […]

Chiropractor Recommends Height Adjustable Desk to Avoid Neck & Spinal Problems

The following is a guest post from Nick Anderson, Doctor of Chiropractic, and owner of Eagle Creek Wellness Center in Prior Lake, Minnesota. People are often surprised that the most frequent spinal injury that I see as a Chiropractor is not from trauma, but instead from working at a desk. It is common to see […]

What to look for in a Standing Angle Adjustable Chair

We are all familiar with the standard ergonomic office chair with lumbar, height adjustment, seatback adjustment, and so on.  But there are also office chairs designed to be used with a standing desk with an adjustable seat angle. Standing Angle Chairs can often be used in different ways than a standard chair, such as leaning or […]

7 Standing Desk Stretches to Keep your Workday Active

Working at a desk job and being in a stagnant sitting position for 40+ hours a week can be draining. Our bodies were meant to move and change positions.  At HealthPostures, we believe in sitting less and moving more, which is why we offer a full line of height-adjustable desks, sit-stand desks, desktop converters, and […]

Working at Home? Brush up on Home Office Ergonomics

With COVID-19, more of us than ever are working from home.  With little preparation, we have shifted from our cubicle or office at work to working from home. Our workspaces at home are often not offices, but anything from a dining room table to a desk in a bedroom to a basement office.  Let’s take […]

Working from Home & Staying Healthy

Working from home due to the coronavirus? Here is how to get the job done and stay healthy.   Whether you are working from home on a temporary basis because of the COVID-19 outbreak, or you want to make your home office your permanent office, we have some tips for you: Maintain Regular Working Hours […]

Fighting Fatigue in Winter Months

It is totally normal to “wind-down” and feel fatigued during these cooler winter months between October and April, but there are ways to combat it. In Prior Lake, Minnesota, where HealthPostures is located, the average low temperature for January is just 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun comes up at about the same time we are […]

29 Signs that You May Need a Standing Desk

How do you know when the time is right to get a standing desk? What if you wait too long? Since standing desks are a relatively new product, it can be challenging for people to determine what indicates a need for an adjustable standing desk. We thought we would pull together some of the situations […]

Standing Desk User Stands Up & Speaks Up

Teresa Satterfield works in a property management office and is on the computer around 8 hours a day. She has noticed how spending long amounts of time at her computer affect her work day and overall well-being. She recently started using the TaskMate Go from HealthPostures. Prior to getting a standing desk she had some […]